Public Parks to Cover Highways in Hamburg

The City of Hamburg, Germany is planning on building elevated public parks on sections of the to-be-expanded A7 (Highway 7), which is considered one of the most important north-south connectors in Germany.
December 9, 2011, 8am PST | Anonymous
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Itar Sonuparlak reports on Hamburg's plans to cap their major freeway:

"This is why officials are adamant about expanding the highway's capacity by adding lanes. At the same time, to meet the noise regulations of the city, planners of the project are looking into building noise barriers and tunnels. In an effort to ease the burden and negative effects of an expanded highway, officials are looking into making good use of the surface area on top of the tunnels by converting them into public parks. The urban areas near the noise-calming sections of the highway will be developed into housing."

Thanks to Jeffrey Riecke

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