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June 2, 2021, 11am PDT
Mining jobs needed to produce the metals for processing into battery parts used to build electric vehicles in America will not be developed in the U.S. but in Australia, Brazil and Canada, mainly to avoid battles with environmentalists.
May 14, 2021, 8am PDT
Facing calls to invest in racial equity, companies like Netflix, Twitter, and others have recently pledged millions in new financing for affordable housing, small businesses, and other community development projects. Will they stick around?
Shelterforce Magazine
May 10, 2021, 5am PDT
The bill also calls for increased investment in charging infrastructure and financial incentives for consumers.
Smart Cities Dive
May 6, 2021, 10am PDT
Dr. Joe Lyou, CEO of the Coalition for Clean Air, walks through the legal necessity of South Coast AQMD's proposed Indirect Source Rule, which aims to accelerate the transition to zero-emission technologies and fleet electrification.
The Planning Report
April 23, 2021, 8am PDT
Elon Musk, a favorite target of satirists and urbanists alike, is once again the subject of The Onion's withering pen.
The Onion
April 14, 2021, 12pm PDT
With non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reshaping the art and collectibles world, city and regional planners can learn valuable lessons about ways to improve the management, organization, and sharing of information about the built environment.
Justin B. Hollander
April 8, 2021, 8am PDT
With some strategic planning on the part of transit agencies and operators, shared e-scooters can be an important ally in the fight against car dependence.
Greater Greater Washington
April 6, 2021, 9am PDT
The landlord tech industry, while alive and well prior to COVID-19, has ramped up in the past year to develop new ways to accumulate wealth at the expense of tenants.
Shelterforce Magazine
April 6, 2021, 7am PDT
To steer American cities into the future, public and private sectors—and citizens—must work together to build broad, lasting support around complicated issues such as transparency and data privacy.
Sara Maffey
April 6, 2021, 5am PDT
With 90 percent of its usual commuters still working from home and a full return to the office highly unlikely, what will become of New York City's towering office buildings?
The New York Times
April 1, 2021, 11am PDT
Any new affordable housing projects in NYC that receive city money must wire the building for high-speed internet and provide broadband at no cost to the tenants, new city rules say.
Next City
April 1, 2021, 6am PDT
A "priority offshore wind zone" between Long Island and New Jersey could accelerate permits and help the industry gain a foothold in the United States.
The New York Times
March 29, 2021, 9am PDT
The developer of the 15-home community claims they will produce homes with a tenth of the waste of traditional construction in record time.
The Guardian
March 28, 2021, 7am PDT
Mayor Francis Suarez thinks the tunnel could alleviate congestion, but critics argue the city's rising water table makes tunneling too expensive and impractical.
Bloomberg Quint
March 24, 2021, 8am PDT
With pooled services suspended through the pandemic and research showing most users prefer private rides, will shared rides continue to play a role in urban transportation?
Bloomberg CityLab
March 15, 2021, 5am PDT
Just shy of a year after Sidewalk Labs pulled the plug on its "smart city" experiment for Quayside, Waterfront Toronto has a released a request for qualifications to move forward with a new, "people-centered" vision for the waterfront.
The Guardian
March 3, 2021, 10am PST
With the state mandating a switch to electric vehicles by 2035, Petaluma is aligning its land use regulations with its climate goals.
The Press Democrat
March 1, 2021, 8am PST
The public and private sector need to partner to facilitate adoption of policy frameworks to realize the AV promise nationally.
Greg Rodriguez
February 26, 2021, 7am PST
Google's newest partnership offers contactless parking meter payments and transit fare purchases.
February 24, 2021, 5am PST
The question of whether a public review process conducted by Zoom is sufficient to approve a sweeping rezoning plan is a matter of no small legal concern in New York City.
Commercial Observer