Blurred people walking through busy crosswalk in Manhattan.


Financial Literacy as a Tool for Equitable Urban Development

Financial literacy is a cornerstone for equitable urban development. Empowering residents with financial knowledge can lead to more sustainable and inclusive economic growth in urban communities.

April 19 - Devin Partida

Close-up of red For Rent sign with white text on porck of brick building.


Understanding Average Versus Median Rent

The disparity between these commonly used terms can give vastly different outlooks on the housing market.

April 16 - Marcelo Remond

View of the stage, crowd, and speaker at the opening session of NPC24.


Housing and Equity Take Center Stage at NPC24

With discussions centering on how to solve the housing crisis and create more equitable communities, Minneapolis is a fitting host city for APA’s annual National Planning Conference.

April 14 - Mary Hammon

Street scene in Greenwich Village, New York City with people walking through busy intersection and new WTC tower in background.


Planning for Accessibility: Proximity is More Important than Mobility

Accessibility-based planning minimizes the distance that people must travel to reach desired services and activities. Measured this way, increased density can provide more total benefits than increased speeds.

April 14 - Todd Litman

Wood-frame two-story rowhouses under construction.


Fair Housing Cannot Take a Back Seat to ‘Build, Baby, Build’

If we overlook fair housing principles in the plan to build US housing back better, we risk ending up right back where we started.

April 11 - James Jennings

Shopping Mall


March’s Must-Reads: Our Top 10 Articles from Last Month

Planetizen readers were most interested in March stories about Oregon’s urban growth boundary, New York City congestion pricing, planning with AI, parking reform, and more.

April 10 - Mary Hammon

Aerial view of Monte Alban plaza ruins in Mexico.


First Cities: Planning Lessons for the 21st Century

A new book about urban planning in the deep human past explores principles, strategies, and lessons relevant for today.

April 9 - Dean Saitta

View of upper story of row of townhomes.


Can Technology Help Build Better Housing?

Cities need more “missing middle” housing. A new startup aims to help real estate developers build it.

April 8 - Hugh McFall

24-hour parking sign above parking garage entrance through which you can see a white SUV driving


Want to Reduce Traffic Congestion? Cash Out Employer-Paid Parking

Employer-paid parking will undermine New York City’s congestion tolls. But parking cash-out policies like those in California and Washington D.C. can solve the problem.

April 1 - Donald Shoup

Riverside, California


How Persuasive Are Arguments Against Statewide Zoning Reform?

A leading scholar of state and local government argues that local governments’ need to regulate business should take priority over the state and national interests in lowering housing costs. Are his assumptions persuasive?

March 31 - Michael Lewyn

Urban Garden


How Nonprofits Are Shaping Sustainable Cities

Learn about nonprofits' pivotal role in urban sustainability, from policy advocacy to launching eco-initiatives that are transforming cityscapes for the better.

March 19 - Devin Partida

A boat floats on a bright green Chicago River lined by skyscrapers.


An Urbanist’s Guide to St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Festivities in these five U.S. cities and towns honor Irish and Irish American culture with an urban planning twist.

March 15 - Mary Hammon

Aerial view of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with dense, low-rise housing in foreground.


A Better Understanding of Smart Growth Benefits

Smart Growth creates compact, multimodal communities where residents consume less land, drive less, and rely more on non-auto modes. Planners have important stories to tell about the benefits of Smart Growth.

March 14 - Todd Litman

View down California Street in San Francisco, California with Chinatown pagoda buildings and golden hour sky in background.


Is Inequality Destroying American Cities?

A recent video claimed that high income inequality is the “Thing That Will Destroy Our Cities.” Is this true?

March 13 - Michael Lewyn

Pink light art installation above public plaza in Singapore by Janet Echelman.


Celebrating Women Urbanists

This International Women’s Month, we look back on our list of Most Influential Urbanists to highlight the contributions of women in urban planning and urban design.

March 12 - Planetizen

Close-up of front side of blue and white bus with accessibility sticker and people wearing backpacks waiting outside of bus.


Responding to Public Transit Criticism

Public transit plays a unique and important role in an efficient and equitable transportation system. Planners must communicate the benefits that public transit provides and respond to ill-informed critics.

March 5 - Todd Litman

View of large glass building with glass doors and "To Trains" sign.


Transit Coordination Leads to Better Transit and More Riders

Regional transit coordination provides the best transit experience in an urban area. It enables better, more affordable transit which in turn improves ridership. After 50 years of experience in Europe, the U.S. should finally embrace the concept.

March 4 - World Transport Policy and Practice

Curbside packed with park cars and cyclist riding on the sidewalk.


Rethinking the Notion of Parking as a Public Good

Parking shapes every element of the urban environment, often to the detriment of a place. Why do we subsidize public parking as a public good, and how can we move forward?

March 4 - David Mepham

Pedestrian street with colorful patio umbrellas and tall palm trees in Miami, Florida.


Learning From Miami

Miami is denser than most American cities, but is more car-dependent than some less compact cities. Why?

March 1 - Michael Lewyn

Graphic of person's hands with 2024 in middle against backdrop of city skyline and golden hour sky with rays coming through.


Planning Trends to Watch in 2024

Post-pandemic clarity — and sheer necessity — may be bringing some of the most urgent issues of recent years to a head.

February 28 - Diana Ionescu

View from inside York House adaptive reuse building in London.


Adaptive Reuse: The Missing Piece to the Housing Puzzle?

Millions of square feet sit vacant while millions of Americans struggle to find affordable housing. Can reimagining our empty skyscrapers be the key to unlocking both solutions?

February 26 - Ricardo Brites

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