A map showing a heat map that represents commute times in an urban area.
Smart Growth Loves Heatmaps

Smart growth can provide many important benefits that are easy to see using informative and beautiful heatmaps—our complex world as viewed by all-knowing gods.

5 hours ago - Todd Litman

The city of Siena in Italy, located on a hillside and bathed in Tuscan sunlight.


Building on Jacobs: The City Emergent; Beyond Streets and Buildings

A science of cities reveals the way cities grow, and why.

September 20 - Fanis Grammenos

Texas Flood


Are Tall Buildings Safer When It Floods?

Conventional wisdom is that the most resilient city is that keeps high-density housing out of flood zones. But if flooding can happen miles inland, is that still true?

September 13 - Michael Lewyn

Green Building


Sustainable Real Estate Investments Are No Longer Optional

Greenwashing won't cut it anymore, and investors are increasingly demanding that all real estate developments and existing assets be assessed in the most holistic way possible.

September 12 - Breana Wheeler

Texas Capitol Building


Preemption of Green Cities in Red States

State legislatures, frequently acting on behalf of corporate interests, are preempting local reforms and regulations necessary to limit the emissions that cause climate change.

September 7 - Joan Fitzgerald

2019 National Planning Conference


There's More Than One Path to AICP Certification

The AICP Candidate Pilot Program launched in 2017 allows for planners to begin the journey to AICP certification earlier in their careers—even while they are still in school.

September 6 - James Brasuell

Washington D.C. - The White House


White House Announces Plans for 100,000 Affordable Homes

The Biden administration has proposed a suite of policy and funding programs designed to create and protect 100,000 affordable housing units. If successful, the program will still fall well short of the need.

September 1 - James Brasuell

14th Street Traffic


Clean Vehicles Versus Vehicle Travel Reductions: Better Transportation Emission Reduction Planning

There are many possible ways to reduce transportation emissions, some of which provide large co-benefits. Unfortunately, current evaluation practices tend to overlook some of the best. Lets examine why.

August 30 - Todd Litman

A group of socially distanced tents for the homeless are set up on a parking lot in San Francisco's Civic Center.


Cities Need More Public Bathrooms–Well Beyond the Pandemic

COVID-19 laid bare the dismal state of public bathrooms in America, and some cities stepped up to add more facilities. But why remove them while the need remains?

August 30 - Diana Ionescu

A group of protestors support Black Lives Matter and call for police reforms while gathered on top of a bus stop in Los Angeles.


Reparative Planning as Movement Building

The "Metro as Sanctuary" campaign provides an example of movement-based planning. This kind of planning is relational and solidaristic, with an emphasis on collective decision-making, complementary divisions of labor, and mutual learning.

August 25 - Lily Song

A digital vaccination record appears on a smartphone in front of a blurred background showing diners in an outdoor setting.


5 Cities Leading the Way in COVID-19 Management Tech

Advanced new contact tracing measures, citizen outreach technology, and other innovations are helping these cities fight the spread of COVID-19.

August 23 - Devin Partida

A small town in the U.S. Midwest at dusk, with cars parked on a street lined with historic buildings and a water tower in the distance.


Small-Scale Manufacturing Can Maximize the Potential of America's Small Cities

Artisans and small-scale manufacturers offer tremendous economic opportunities for cities prepared to harness that creative and entrepreneurial energy.

August 19 - Ilana Preuss

U.S. Census Bureau


News Brief: Census 2020 Population Data

Most of the media commentary that followed last week's release of Census 2020 data focused on trends in the racial demographics of the country and the country's growing rural-urban divide.

August 18 - James Brasuell

Capitol Hill


Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Heads to the House: Details and Reactions From the Planning World

Planetizen gathered explainer posts and advocacy responses that continue to shine a light on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, approved by the U.S. Senate earlier this month.

August 17 - James Brasuell

Manhattan, New York City


Cities Are Back (At Least They Were Before COVID)

The 2020 Census results show that central cities were gaining population to a much greater extent than earlier Census estimates had suggested.

August 16 - Michael Lewyn

New York Subway


Take the A Train: A Musical Inspiration for Planners

"Take the A Train" is a beautiful celebration of rail transit, urban sophistication, and the Harlem Renaissance all packed into the most danceable 2:54 minutes of musical teamwork ever recorded on a 78 disk. It's my inspiration for great planning!

August 16 - Todd Litman

Capitol Hill


Bipartisan 'Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act' Passes the Senate

A final vote of 69-30, with 19 Republicans joining their Democratic colleagues in the Senate, will send the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to the House.

August 10 - James Brasuell

Northern California Wilidfires


Time Is Running Out to Limit the Damage of Climate Change, According to Historic UN Report

The role of humans in creating immense risks from extreme weather, drought, sea-level rise, and bio-diversity loss is "unequivocal," according to a landmark study by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

August 9 - James Brasuell

Climate Change Protest


The Climate One-Two Punch

Like a boxer, cities are wielding their one-two punch in the fight against climate change. One punch aims to protect people from the oppressive heat, while the second punch strikes at the source of global warming by reducing overall GHG emissions.

August 2 - Robert Fischer

Raleigh, North Carolina


It's Good to Be a Small Business in These 6 U.S. Cities

Here are six U.S. cities where small companies are thriving.

July 20 - Devin Partida

The Shanghai Statement signing at Tongji University on 14 July 2001.


The World's Planning Schools Joined Hands in Shanghai in 2001

The Shanghai Statement creating the Global Planning Education Association Network (GPEAN) was signed by ten planning school associations at the closing ceremony of the 1st World Planning Schools Congress at Tongji University, 20 years ago this week.

July 15 - Bruce Stiftel

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