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What Is a Planning Commission?

Planning commissions fill an influential advisory role in planning processes, maintaining citizen oversight of government planning powers and also providing a public forum for debate about the future of communities.

May 24 - James Brasuell

People gather on a street with no cars during the L.E.A.F. Festival of Flowers in the Meatpacking District of New York City.


‘Togetherness’ as a Synonym for ‘Transportation’

Transportation is a fundamental aspect of community cohesion, and should be considered a synonym for togetherness.

May 23 - William Riggs

A conceptual rendering of three high-speed rail trains. The middle train is orange; the other two are black.


The California High-Speed Rail Project Illustrates America’s Transit Issues

Slow progress and a bloated budget have plagued the High-Speed Rail project linking San Francisco to Los Angeles, exposing deeper issues with American transit projects.

May 22 - Eric Carlson

Multi-Family Development


Density and Driving: A Second Look

A common argument against more compact housing is that increased population density will only reduce vehicle miles traveled at moderate levels of density, as opposed to very low-density and very high-density areas. But this might not be so.

May 22 - Michael Lewyn

Parent and child walking, holding hands on mixed-use trail with trees


What Role Does Health Care Play in Community Development?

Cities are economically diverse and require accessible health care systems, but this can be challenging to implement. Urban developers are working alongside health professionals to create affordable care for city residents.

May 18 - Devin Partida

Woman in wheelchair using outdoor accessibility ramp with people walking in background


Urban Villages for People with Disabilities

Compact, multimodal urban villages can provide independent mobility for people with disabilities (PWD), ensuring that everybody can enjoy freedom, opportunity, and romance.

May 15 - Todd Litman

Chicago Commute


Planning for Congestion Relief

The third and final installment of Planetizen's examination of the role of the planning profession in both perpetuating and solving traffic congestion.

May 12 - James Brasuell

hand holding house key with house-shaped keychain and house in background


What Is Supportive Housing?

Supportive housing combines affordable housing with social services providers to help people experiencing homelessness, disability, or other hardships transition to permanent housing.

May 11 - Diana Ionescu

A group of young men and boys gather under water dripping from a water pipe in India.


The Climate Story You Might Have Missed

Surface temperatures reached 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) in India and Pakistan at the end of April. Wet bulb temperature, the point at which the human body can no longer cool itself by sweating, is 35 degrees Celsius.

May 8 - James Brasuell

A pair of crash test dummies in a car after a crash with air bags deployed.


Acceptable Deaths

What can we learn from our Covid response?

May 5 - Angie Schmitt

Economic Impacts of Climate Change


RAISE Proposals Are in; What Will it Mean for Climate Change?

The deadline for the first discretionary program to accept applications since the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed into law was April 14, marking the day as one of the most consequential in America’s response to climate change.

May 5 - Robert Fischer

Portland Street


What Is Automobile Dependency?

Automobile dependency is a term used to describe households who must rely on private vehicles for everyday transportation, often due to a lack of safe pedestrian infrastructure, ineffective or absent public transit options, and sprawl.

May 3 - Diana Ionescu

Master-Planned Community


What Is a Planned Unit Development?

A Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a specific type of plan or development commonly associated with master planned communities and sprawl. The specific definitions of a PUD vary by jurisdiction, but the term generally refers to a flexible approach to the planning of a variety of housing types and land uses on a relatively large portion of land.

May 2 - James Brasuell

Gaslamp Quarter


Day Two of the National Planning Conference: Staying on the Cutting Edge

The American Planning Association gathers for its first in-person National Planning Conference since 2019. Planetizen is in attendance. Here is some of what we saw on the second day of the conference.

May 2 - James Brasuell

The San Diego Convention Center is illuminated at night with the backdrop of public transit lines and high-rise buildings.


Day One of the National Planning Conference—Reunions, Pandemic Planning, Equity, and VMT

The American Planning Association gathers for its first in-person National Planning Conference since 2019. Planetizen is in attendance, and here is some of what we saw on the first day of the conference.

May 1 - James Brasuell



What Is LOS?

Level of Service (LOS) defines how well vehicle traffic flows along a street or road. LOS is one of the most influential metrics in planning, with critical relevance for both land use and transportation planning.

April 27 - James Brasuell

Walkable, mixed-use neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain


Urban Village Planning Checklist

Urban villages can maximize accessibility and inclusivity, helping residents be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Here are specific targets for planning them.

April 25 - Todd Litman

Hand holding house keys on house-shaped keychain


What Is Area Median Income?

Frequently used to determine eligibility for housing assistance programs, Area Median Income measures the midpoint of an area’s income distribution.

April 24 - Diana Ionescu

Congestion versus mobility


How Planning Fails to Solve Congestion

Solutions for congestion are never as simple and easy as armchair planners and engineers would like you to believe—especially those who suggest that congestion can be solved by forever building more roadway capacity.

April 20 - James Brasuell

"Municipal speed camera in use" sign


Don't Wokewash the Status Quo

There might be good reasons to oppose speed cameras and red light cameras—but racial justice is not one of them.

April 19 - Michael Lewyn



California Cities Could Face a Zoning Reckoning

As the state toughens rules related to its housing allocation process, cities statewide may finally be forced to overhaul their zoning codes to ensure an adequate supply of housing at all affordability levels.

April 14 - Diana Ionescu

HUD’s 2022 Innovative Housing Showcase

HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research

Expanding HUD’s Eviction Protection Grant Program

HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research

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HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research

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