Landscape Architecture

January 8, 2008, 11am PST
<p>This piece from the <em>Los Angeles Times Magazine</em> looks at the recent trend of including public squares in high-profile L.A. projects, and examines why they don't really work in the traditional sense.</p>
Los Angeles Times Magazine
January 8, 2008, 8am PST
<p>Blue boxes painted on the street at key Portland intersections are part of an effort to reduce the amount of bikers hit by cars turning right.</p>
The Oregonian
January 5, 2008, 7am PST
<p>This article from <em>Progressive Planning</em> discusses the walls that run more than 700 kilometers in Palestine. But as author Gary Fields writes, this barrier is not about security, it's about control.</p>
Progressive Planning
January 3, 2008, 12pm PST
<p>The expansive Beltline transit and parkspace development planned for Atlanta is being hindered by one man's lawsuits over the legality of the funding used to build it.</p>
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
December 23, 2007, 11am PST
<p>A design has been chosen for the redevelopment of Governors Island in New York. The winning proposal plans to convert most of the island into parkspace.</p>
The New York Times
December 22, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>Plans to redevelop the Mississippi riverfront in New Orleans are being released, including more than 100 acres of parks and pathways.</p>
Architectural Record
December 20, 2007, 2pm PST
<p>As part of a special issue on cities, the Canadian magazine <em>The Walrus</em> examines the little-known histories of famous public squares around the world.</p>
The Walrus
December 18, 2007, 8am PST
<p>When people die, they can still create negative impacts on the environment. Green burials are becoming a popular way to address this environmental concern.</p>
December 17, 2007, 10am PST
<p>On the 10th anniversary of Getty Center art museum in Los Angeles, architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne examines how architecture and its relationship with the city have changed over the past decade.</p>
December 14, 2007, 12pm PST
<p>Plans have just been announced for a large park space in Atlanta, circled by pedestrian friendly developments, including 5,000 units of housing and mixed use developments. But making it happen will require a lot of cooperation.</p>
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
December 14, 2007, 7am PST
<p>The urban lighting artist responsible for illuminating hundreds of Parisian landmarks tackles one last challenge before retiring: the Notre Dame Cathedral.</p>
The Globe & Mail
December 13, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>Planning has begun for a 400-acre plot of land near downtown Los Angeles, and expectations are high.</p>
Los Angeles Downtown News
December 13, 2007, 7am PST
<p>Some cemeteries are being planned and designed for uses beyond the funeral. But more should be done to improve the banal architecture of the cemetery, according to this article from <em>The Guardian</em>.</p>
The Guardian
December 12, 2007, 8am PST
<p>The City of Houston has come to an agreement with Clear Channel Advertising for the company to remove about 800 billboards from the city -- the result of a citywide plan to clean up the city's "visual clutter" that started more than 20 years ago.</p>
The Houston Chronicle
December 11, 2007, 9am PST
<p>More and more walls are rising in Baghdad neighborhoods, giving areas a calmer, safer feel. But the walls also create a prison-like atmosphere and many residents are conflicted about the tradeoff.</p>
The Christian Science Monitor
December 6, 2007, 10am PST
<p>The Southern California city of Lawndale has passed tight restrictions that prohibit residents from paving their front yards with concrete -- an effort to reduce the amount of vehicles parked in front yards and fight what some call a "sea of gray."</p>
The Daily Breeze
December 5, 2007, 2pm PST
<p>A Las Vegas homeowner has been convicted of killing more than 500 trees to improve his property's view of the famous Las Vegas Strip.</p>
The Los Angeles Times
December 5, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>The state of Indiana has announced plans to purchase more than 150 miles of abandoned railways, much of which is slated to become greenspace.</p>
The Indianapolis Star
Blog post
December 5, 2007, 9am PST

 In an earlier post, I wrote about how the EcoDensity Initiative here in Vancouver has been transforming the public dialogue about density ( ). Since then, over autumn, the conversations have intensified, with Vancouverites from all perspectives weighing in. Just Google "ecodensity" for a flavour of what’s being written, in media, articles, and blogs, etc. The community is very aware and engaged in this important initiative, and that’s a great thing. 

Brent Toderian
December 4, 2007, 12pm PST
<p>A Boston Globe correspondent takes a walk along the still unfinished Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway that has replaced the I-93 freeway.</p>
The Boston Globe