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Public Transit

1 hour ago
New attention for a plan to greatly expand Amtrak service in dozens of cities and regions around the United States.
The Washington Post
2 hours ago
Improved connectivity and reliability in the region's public transit could stimulate growth and help build a more vibrant local economy.
Michigan Advance
3 days ago
New data technology has made it possible to measure transit equity in ways that were impossible before. TransitCenter is making good use of the new capabilities.
6 days ago
The answer is "Yes!" for Kenny Uong who is passionate about L.A.'s buses and trains, knows how to get around without a car, and hopes to inspire others to do the same.
Los Angeles Times
June 11, 2021, 5am PDT
Signs of the times, and more evidence of the essential service provided by public transit throughout the pandemic.
The City
June 9, 2021, 5am PDT
With many U.S. transit agencies facing severe gaps in service and budget shortfalls, some advocates argue that improved service matters more than free fares.
June 7, 2021, 8am PDT
A group of 12 leading transit experts debriefed on the consequences of the pandemic for public transit, and proposed a future that centers public transit as a tool for economic recovery and righting the past wrongs of the planning profession.
June 6, 2021, 9am PDT
The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors has approved a program that would eliminate fares for students and low-income riders, but the program's future rests on finding sustainable funding sources.
June 1, 2021, 8am PDT
Despite slowing population growth statewide, officials believe the region will "grow into" the new rail system if cities promote dense development around transit stations.
San Diego Union-Tribune
June 1, 2021, 6am PDT
The program would fund improvements such as elevators, ramps, and accessible ticketing equipment to bring the nation's transit stations up to ADA standards.
Smart Cities Dive
May 28, 2021, 5am PDT
A sad day for the world of planning and urban design innovation, as Jaime Lerner, the Brazilian urbanist who created the concept of bus rapid transit as we know it today, passed away in Brazil.
May 26, 2021, 10am PDT
Investing in technology and promoting innovation in the transportation sector can further the Biden administration's goals of reducing carbon emissions and improving public transit.
Bloomberg CityLab
May 25, 2021, 8am PDT
U.S. commuter rail systems, primarily designed to bring workers to and from central business districts, must adapt to serve a broader population as the traditional workday changes.
May 18, 2021, 5am PDT
An ambitious plan hatched during the pandemic in New York City would have copied the success of the 14th Street Busway. The city has slowly retreated from the plan's original scope since the announcement of the plan in June 2020.
The City
May 12, 2021, 12pm PDT
While autonomous vehicles still face regulatory and technical challenges, investment in basic transportation infrastructure like buses and bike lanes can go a long way toward improving safety and taking cars off the road.
The New Republic
May 9, 2021, 7am PDT
The city of Orlando is partnering with the Miles app.
Orlando Weekly
May 7, 2021, 6am PDT
Atlanta's new fleet of rail cars, expected for delivery in 2023, will include open gangways. Other design features of the new cars are still to be determined.
Urbanize Atlanta
May 4, 2021, 5am PDT
A big piece of the process of reopening New York City for business is scheduled for May 17, but numerous challenges remain in getting the city that never sleeps back on track.
The New York Times
May 3, 2021, 7am PDT
Transit advocates were pleasantly surprised to hear senators address specific questions about the 80/20 split in transportation funding, transit operations, and rural transit needs.
Transportation for America
May 2, 2021, 11am PDT
The sharp historic division between commuter rail and other forms of transit has limited the ability of regional rail systems to serve more users.