Pedestrian Fatalities

Aerial view of Denver, Colorado skyline at golden hour.

Denver Road Fatalities at Record High in 2023

The city says it is accelerating its Vision Zero initiative to improve road safety for pedestrians and vulnerable road users.

January 18, 2024 - The Denver Gazette

Pedestrians crossing a busy crosswalk on New York City street with tall buildings in background

Study: Streets With High Foot Traffic Also See High Driving Speeds

A detailed study of where people walk reveals that driving speeds on many of the streets most used by pedestrians in U.S. cities are higher than recommended speeds, putting pedestrians at higher risk for serious injuries and death.

June 27, 2023 - Streetsblog USA

Nighttime view of Cincinnati, Ohio skyline

Cincinnati Gets Serious About Pedestrian Safety

A new in-house team dedicated to pedestrian safety at Cincinnati City Hall and a new complete streets ordinance are some of the changes underway in Cincinnati.

January 17, 2023 - Streetsblog USA

Pedestrian Safety

4 Proven Steps for Improved Pedestrian Safety

Experts from the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) present four steps for reducing the number of pedestrians killed by drivers.

July 28, 2022 - Smart Growth America

Nighttime view of pedestrianized street in Bethesda, maryland with benches and people walking

Montgomery County Planners Present Pedestrian Safety Proposals

The auto-centric county has been building new bike trails and pedestrian facilities, but more improvements are necessary to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths and injuries, planners say.

July 15, 2022 - The Washington Post

Pedestrian crossing street with cars in background and "Dangerous by Design 2022" white font

Dangerous By Design: 2022 Report Analyzes Rising Pedestrian Deaths

The report ranks the most dangerous states and metro areas for pedestrians, who died at higher rates during the pandemic despite reduced driving.

July 12, 2022 - Smart Growth America

Trick or Treat

Halloween a Deadly Reminder of the Failures of U.S. Traffic Safety

When it comes to pedestrian safety, Halloween has never been so frightening.

November 1, 2021 - Bloomberg CityLab


Major Flaws in the U.S. Car Crash Reporting System

The lack of a nationwide standard and extensive officer discretion lead to inconsistent data when it comes to traffic crashes and fatalities.

July 29, 2021 - Streetsblog L.A.

Adams Morgan pedestrian zone during COVID-19 pandemic

The Most Complete Map of U.S. Pedestrian Risk Yet

New research published by the Journal of Transport and Land Use analyzes tens of thousands of pedestrian fatalities over 16 years in the United States.

July 20, 2021 - Streetsblog USA


Why Pedestrian Deaths Are Rising

Jarrett Walker offers insights into "Right of Way," a book written last year by Angie Schmitt that is influencing the traffic safety conversation and pushing the fields of planning and engineering in new directions.

June 21, 2021 - Human Transit

Sports Utility Vehicle

For Transportation Justice, Auto Safety Must Protect People Outside the Car

Light trucks are killing more pedestrians than ever while keeping their drivers and passengers safer. Is it time to reframe safety regulations?

June 3, 2021 - Treehugger


2020 Could Set Records for Pedestrian Fatality Rates

The novel coronavirus wasn't the only public health risk spreading around the United States in 2020.

March 25, 2021 - Governors Highway Safety Association

15 MPH speed limit sign

Virginia Set to Pass Bill Lowering Minimum Speed Limit

The Virginia General Assembly has passed a bill that would allow localities to set speed limits as low as 15 miles per hour.

March 17, 2021 - The Virginia Mercury

Portland Cycling

Oregon DOT Studies Impact of Race and Income on Road Safety

The findings of a recent memo highlight the disproportionate effects of unsafe road conditions on low-income people and BIPOC communities.

March 17, 2021 - Bike Portland

Uber Autonomous Vehicle

Back-Up Driver of Autonomous Vehicle Charged With Negligent Homicide of Pedestrian

The broader safety implications of the death of Elaine Hertzberg after being struck by an Uber autonomous vehicle in Tempe is still being litigated. Last week, the back-up driver of the vehicle was charged with negligent homicide.

September 21, 2020 - NPR

Kids Crossing the Street

Debunking Traffic Safety Myths as Pedestrian Fatalities Increase

Angie Schmitt, former editor at Streetsblog USA, has written a new book about pedestrian fatalities, which works to dispel some of the myths about traffic safety in the United States.

September 9, 2020 - Curbed

New York City Pedestrians

How to Produce Equitable Pedestrian Plans

The majority of pedestrian master plans consider how to make equitable walking infrastructure. Less than half of plans implement strategies to address the fact that people of color are disproportionately represented in pedestrian fatalities.

August 27, 2020 - Streetsblog USA


Refugees Learn to Survive as Pedestrians on Houston's Dangerous Streets

For one refugee family, living in Houston has meant facing a host of new challenges as they traverse the city’s roadways without a car.

February 20, 2020 - Texas Monthly


U.S. Lagging in Making Streets Safer for Pedestrians

Pedestrian deaths are on the rise in the United States, but cities have been slow to implement effective policies and road design measures to change the trend.

September 27, 2019 - Los Angeles Times

Bike and Bus Lane

Lack of Traffic Safety Enforcement Blamed for Vision Zero Failures

Education, engineering, and enforcement are the three "e's" of Vision Zero in San Francisco. A lack of on of those "e's"—enforcement—might explain why more people are dying on the city's streets this year that any year since the city adopted Vision Z

September 2, 2019 - The San Francisco Chronicle

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