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June 9, 2021, 6am PDT
Center City in Philadelphia offers a case study for one of the largest and potentially most consequential contingencies of the pandemic: What happens to downtowns is most workers never come back to the office?
May 26, 2021, 11am PDT
In a typical pre-pandemic year, landlords in Philadelphia filed around 20,000 evictions. Last year, landlords filed just 4,500.
Next City
Blog post
May 25, 2021, 12pm PDT
Planetizen started gathering articles attempting to predict the post-pandemic future in March 2020. The work goes on, with many questions left still to be answered.
James Brasuell
Blog post
May 23, 2021, 5am PDT
Here are just a few ways urban environments are transforming and reinventing themselves in the wake of the coronavirus.
Devin Partida
May 17, 2021, 6am PDT
The CDC abruptly changed its masking guidance on May 13 to further distinguish behavior for those who are fully vaccinated from those who are not, prompting states, counties and businesses to end indoor mask mandates and social distancing.
Los Angeles Times
May 16, 2021, 7am PDT
Cities and counties have been slow to take advantage of the promise of full and retroactive FEMA reimbursement to expand emergency housing programs, frustrating housing advocates. What’s getting in the way?
Shelterforce Magazine
May 11, 2021, 6am PDT
Cities have more experience, and examples, than they might realize when it comes to reinventing systems of investment and governance to recover from the economic ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bloomberg CityLab
May 10, 2021, 10am PDT
The fortunes of commercial real estate in Seattle have completely reversed since February, according to a new analysis.
The Seattle Times
May 5, 2021, 12pm PDT
The American Planning Association's 2021 National Planning Conference started streaming this morning, with an obvious focus on equity and the historical role of the planning profession in perpetuating systemic racism.
James Brasuell
April 21, 2021, 7am PDT
Cities around the country are making big plans for economic relief funding from the federal government.
The Washington Post
April 21, 2021, 5am PDT
Vital urbanism and a prescription for the post-pandemic city.
Dan Kaplan
Blog post
April 20, 2021, 5am PDT
The latest edition of an ongoing compendia of articles trying to make sense of the deep uncertainties of the pandemic—and what it all means for the future of cities.
James Brasuell
April 15, 2021, 6am PDT
A large number of local leaders are leaving office ahead of schedule; many report Covid burnout as the cause of their departure.
The New York Times
April 9, 2021, 5am PDT
Millions of American property owners are behind on mortgage payments and facing the prospect of foreclosure and eviction later this year.
April 8, 2021, 9am PDT
With ridership at record lows and agencies struggling to stay afloat, public transit around the world will need robust investment to recover after the pandemic.
The New York Times
April 7, 2021, 10am PDT
Analysis of cell phone location tracking data shows changes in how Californians have moved around since the pandemic.
U.S. News & World Report
April 6, 2021, 11am PDT
A new effort to counter the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic and the systemic inequalities that long predated the pandemic is underway, with new leadership, in the nation's capital.
April 5, 2021, 7am PDT
A new report commissioned by the Outdoor Industry Association offers valuable insights about Americans’ engagement in outdoor activities amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Outdoor Industry Association
March 31, 2021, 9am PDT
The CDC's eviction moratorium will stay in place until at least June 30, 2021.
Blog post
March 30, 2021, 5am PDT
The Biden administration's highly anticipated infrastructure spending plan is expected to go public this week. After weeks of speculation about the size and focus of the plan, recent reports reveal a growing package and new revenue streams.
James Brasuell