Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda

Seattle Neighborhood

The Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda Era Concludes in Seattle

Before YIMBY was a household word and before Minneapolis ended single-family zoning, Seattle's Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) broke the planning status quo.

February 26, 2020 - Sightline Institute

Single-Family Neighborhood

Seattle Planning Commission Calls for New Residential Density

A recently published white paper written by the Seattle Planning Commission calls on the city to follow in the footsteps of the city of Minneapolis and the state of Oregon.

January 22, 2020 - The Urbanist


Seattle Gives Final Approval to 27 Upzones

An historic moment for planning in Seattle: Density bonuses for affordable housing are now allowed all over the city as Seattle implements a big piece of its long-percolating Mandatory Housing Affordability plan.

March 19, 2019 - The Seattle Times

Seattle Waterfront Condos

Anti-Displacement Policies Proposed by Seattle Politicians

The mayor and a councilmember both made potentially sweeping proposals to address displacement as the city moves forward with plans to upzone neighborhoods, in keeping with the Mandatory Housing Affordability policy.

March 1, 2019 - The Urbanist


Judge Upholds Seattle's Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda, Clears the Way for Upzoning

Since a city judge determined the legality of the long controversial Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda, Seattle has been able to move forward with the plan to allow new density around the city.

December 6, 2018 - The Seattle Times

Gas Stations: Casualty of Seattle's Changing Zoning Priorities

The number of gas stations in the city of Seattle has declined significantly, but in surrounding King County, the number is climbing.

August 29, 2018 - The Stanger

Seattle Victorian

Zoned Out: Seattle Prioritizes Single-Family Residential

In Seattle, most (88 percent) of the city's new housing is being developed in a few small, already dense areas around the city. Most of the city is reserved for single-family housing.

May 7, 2018 - The Seattle Times

Single-Family Neighborhood

Upzoning of Seattle's Single-Family Zoning Called a 'Disappointing Half-Measure'

A critical analysis of a proposal that would incrementally increase density in parts of Seattle.

March 28, 2018 - Sightline Institute

Seattle SUper Bowl Parade 12th Man Flag

Mandatory Housing Affordability Details Released in Seattle

Seattle has released the long-awaited environmental impact statement for the Mandatory Housing Affordability program—a final step in the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda process launched by former Mayor Ed Murray.

November 12, 2017 - Seattle Met


Revisiting Single-Family Zoning After a Political Setback

Few cities have gone so far in considering drastic changes to single-family zoning as Seattle did in 2015. Still, the discussion about single-family zoning would have to go a lot further to turn into meaningful reform.

November 1, 2017 - The Urbanist


Seattle Could Upzone its Way to Affordability

Seattle is considering a proposal to upzone some of the densest parts of the city as part of its Mandatory Housing Affordability program.

October 3, 2016 - The Seattle Times

Seattle Waterfront Condos

Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning Gets Committee Approval in Seattle

A key component of the city of Seattle's Housing Affordability and and Livability Agenda moved forward earlier this week.

August 6, 2016 - KUOW

8 Ways Exclusionary Zoning Hurts Cities

The Sightline Institute tackles what may be "our most acute urban public policy challenge."

May 8, 2016 - Sightline Institute

Seattle Apartments

Seattle's Inclusionary Zoning Proposal Falling Short of Expectations

A critical component of the landmark and controversial Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) platform, announced first in July 2015.

April 30, 2016 - The Seattle Times

Tinkering With Seattle's Microhousing Rules Continues

A local writer evaluates the results of a 2014 ordinance that updated regulations regarding the development of microhousing. The Seattle City Council could once again revisit the regulations as part of the city's HALA process.

February 20, 2016 - The Urbanist

Commercial Linkage Fee Approved—Seattle Moving Forward with Affordable Housing Agenda

The Seattle City Council recently took the first legislative step in the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) process.

November 11, 2015 - The Urbanist

Op-Ed Calls Density the 'Mortal Enemy of Trees'—Debate Ensues

A surprising argument from an article in Seattle publication Crosscut this week: density is the mortal enemy of trees.

October 29, 2015 - Crosscut

19 Progressive Recommendations for Seattle's Housing Crisis

The Urbanist chose 19 of the progressive recommendations from a total of 65 put forward by the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda Advisory Committee (HALA) committee.

September 10, 2015 - The Urbanist

Seattle skyline

Lesson from Seattle: Zoning Is a Political Debate, Not a Policy Debate

The swift rejection of a proposal to upzone residential neighborhoods in Seattle inspired The Urbanist to evaluate the lessons of the episode. One takeaway: don't demonize single-family homeowners.

August 12, 2015 - The Urbanist

Seattle's 'Oh So Human' Hesitations About Change

Seattle's recent Housing and Livability Agenda (HALA) recommendations have created a sensational dialogue about zoning, affordability and neighborhood change. Chuck Wolfe explains how this may create an unprecedented basis for consensus in the city.

August 9, 2015 - Crosscut

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