Woman rides a bike on street in London, UK.

How Social Infrastructure Gets More People on Bikes

Bike infrastructure isn’t just about bike lanes: safe, supportive spaces where adults can learn to ride and repair bikes are a key component.

June 6, 2024 - Bloomberg CityLab

Man sitting on concrete wall with bike next to bike lane on Chicago waterfront.

Bike Month Is Over — But the Work Continues

The effort to build better bike infrastructure in U.S. cities remains an uphill battle, but there are bright spots.

May 29, 2024 - Diana Ionescu

People on bikes and walking on 606 Bloomingdale Bike Trail on sunny day in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Leads Nation in Biking Growth

Cycling as a mode share grew faster in the Windy City over the last five years than in any other major U.S. metropolis.

May 22, 2024 - Momentum Magazine

Green painted two-way bike lane with bike symbols and arrows.

It’s National Bike Month — Is Your City Safe for Cycling?

Getting more people on bikes requires safe, comfortable bike infrastructure and connectivity to transit.

May 2, 2024 - Diana Ionescu

Strava map of route shaped like reindeer in San Diego, California.

California Cyclist Maps Animals Through Rides

The La Jolla resident plots local bike rides that, when viewed on a map, outline the shape of animals or seasonal items.

March 26, 2024 - La Jolla Light

People riding bikes on a paved bike trail.

Promoting Cycling as Public Health Measure

An argument for better bike infrastructure from a healthcare perspective.

February 9, 2024 - Healthy Debate

Blurry person in bike riding quickly in bike lane with Big Ben in background in London, UK.

Biking in London Grew by 20 Percent Since 2019

Pandemic-induced changes and improved bike infrastructure have contributed to the impressive growth of cycling as a mode share.

December 11, 2023 - Momentum Magazine

New York Cyclist

New York Court Rules on Cycling Search and Seizure

The ruling gives people on bikes the same rights as drivers when it comes to police stops.

November 27, 2023 - StreetsBlog NYC

Street-level view of sharrow symbol on asphalt with parked car in background

How Sharrows Became Cycling’s Most Hated Symbol

Originally designed as a low-cost way to encourage safer road sharing between bikes and cars, the sharrow has become a symbol of the lack of commitment to protected bike infrastructure in many cities.

August 2, 2022 - Denverite

Woman sitting on recumbent bike

San Francisco Launches Adaptive Cycling Program

The program offers a variety of adaptive bikes at no charge to people with disabilities.

July 21, 2022 - Mass Transit

Houston City Park

How Houston Is Growing its Bike Infrastructure

The famously car-centric city is investing more than ever in bike infrastructure, with ambitious plans to build 1,800 miles of protected bike lanes and trails.

May 3, 2022 - The Houston Chronicle

Washington D.C.

D.C.'s Ambitious Bike Infrastructure Plans

The District of Columbia plans to install ten miles of protected bike lanes this year, among other improvements including additional bike parking and more e-bikes for the Capital Bikeshare fleet.

February 7, 2022 - The Washington Post

Biking in Denver

Study: More Bike Infrastructure Could Prevent 15,000 Deaths Annually

In addition to reducing air pollution and congestion, improving bike infrastructure could save thousands of lives each year, according to new research.

December 8, 2021 - Streetsblog USA

London Bikes

How Boosting Biking Could Improve London's Economy

A new study outlines the potential economic, environmental, and public health benefits of increasing cycling mode share in London, which has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030.

December 7, 2021 - Forbes

Dearborn Street Bike Lane

Cycling Rates Remain High Across the Country

The bike boom that began during the pandemic shows no signs of abating, according to a new report.

December 1, 2021 - Smart Cities Dive

Brooklyn Bridge Bike Lane

Bike Traffic Up 88 Percent On New Brooklyn Bridge Bike Lane

Bike ridership nearly doubled after New York City installed a new bike lane on the Brooklyn Bridge.

November 15, 2021 - AMNY

Bike Parking

Let's Stop Overlooking Bike Parking

Bike advocates focus, with good reason, on bike lanes and safe routes. But secure bike parking and storage plays an essential role in encouraging more people to get on two wheels.

November 10, 2021 - Streetsblog USA

Bicycling across the Golden Gate Bridge

Making the Golden Gate Bridge Safer for Cyclists

The Golden Gate Bridge District is looking at ways to improve safety on the bridge's narrow, windy bike and pedestrian paths.

October 8, 2021 - Streetsblog San Francisco

Hipster Cyclists

Race, Infrastructure, and Police in Cycling

Recent research suggests that cyclists of color are more likely to receive citations, but enforcement has little correlation with improved safety.

September 13, 2021 - Science Direct

Young man cruises on by on an empty Grand Ave. in the heart of Los Angeles.

E-Bike Sales are Booming in the U.K. and U.S.

As more people buy e-bikes for regular commuting and transportation, cycling advocates are calling for cities to beef up investment in safe infrastructure.

July 15, 2021 - Treehugger

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