Support One Car Families to Achieve Local Transportation Goals

Cities that are serious about transportation goals need to think seriously about supporting families who choose to live low car lifestyles.
August 25, 2017, 12pm PDT | helmholdtn
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Cities and counties across North America have adopted transportation goals to increase the number of people walking, biking and riding transit. Ultimately, these goals help improve public health, reduce air pollution from vehicle emissions and make streets safer for everybody. Places that support and encourage one car families will achieve long term success toward these metrics.

By definition, a one car family makes some of its trips on foot, bike or bus, thus helping achieve your transportation goals. One car families don’t magically appear; they require supportive physical environment and public policy.

For cities to thrive in the coming decades, they will need to accommodate families with young and adolescent children who take fewer trips in cars. Often, families fall into the two-car trap: the jobs, schools and services they depend on require two cars. In many places, it’s currently impractical for individuals to live a satisfying life completely car-free. For places with serious goals relating to walking and biking, a focus on supporting one car families will lead to long term progress.

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Published on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 in American City & County
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