Germany Bets Big on Its Own HSR Network

Eager to see the national train system (the Deutsche Bahn) regain its prestige and reputation for efficiency, the state-owned rail operator has pledged to invest 6 billion euros to acquire 300 of the most advanced high-speed trains in the world.
May 11, 2011, 12pm PDT | Victor Negrete
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The Deutsche Bahn will purchase the new trains from Siemens AG.

"The new ICx train is a technological wonder and embodies many of the values of a nation whose national identity is closely linked to its train system. ICx trains will be 30% more power efficient, more aerodynamic, and 20 tons lighter than the high-speed ICE trains currently in service. They won't be the world's fastest trains, but for the nation with the highest per capita investment in renewable energy, ICx technology is a symbol of Germany's commitment to solving energy problems through innovation and efficiency," writes Laurent Martin in a post from Sustainable Cities Collective.

In recent years, Germans have opted for low-cost air travel instead of their once beloved rail network. In fact, "train service was so bad this winter in the nation's capital, that a Berlin daily published a front-page obituary for DB," explains Martin. The reasons he cites include, failing track infrastructure, poor wages, and reliance on nuclear power for operation.

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Published on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 in Sustainable Cities Collective
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