Does This City Make Me Look Suburban?

Travel + Leisure magazine confuses suburbs with small cities in a recent article called "Coolest Suburbs Worth a Visit." The New Urban Network shows how they got it wrong.
September 22, 2010, 2pm PDT | The Intrepid Staff
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The article sets up the premise that suburbs are becoming cool:

"Americans have a love-hate relationship with the ever-sprawling communities outside the country's big cities...Hollywood hasn't helped the suburban profile, typically portraying these communities as boring, conformist places, spiced up by a few desperate housewives here and there. Yet a number of suburbs around the country blow up the stereotype and are worth a visit on your next trip."

New Urban Network took a look at the 10 "suburbs" cited in the article:

"Only trouble is that seven of the ten suburbs are incorporated cities - Evanston, Illinois: Lakewood, Ohio; Bellevue, Washington; Roswell, Georgia; Alameda, California; Birmingham, Michigan; and Ashland, Oregon. Bellevue became a city most recently - in 1953. Of the three remaining, one is a town, West Hartford, Connecticut, and another is a township, Montclair, New Jersey - both have the density and street grids of small, traditional cities."

Thanks to Renee Brutvan

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Published on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 in New Urban Network
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