Oil Extraction From A Global Perspective

As the environmental community celebrates in victory in preventing oil drilling in ANWR for at least another year, Peter Maas offers an alternative perspective.
December 23, 2005, 9am PST | Irvin Dawid
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"...A succession of studies... show that countries dependent on natural-resource exports experience lower growth rates than countries that have nonresource economies, and they suffer greater amounts of repression and conflict too.... An oil state is, almost by definition, a dysfunctional state.

"One of the best watchdogs on resource issues is Global Witness, a small organization in London that publishes excellent reports even though its 2004 budget of $3.4 million would not cover the fund-raising costs of its big American brothers."

"If the protection of our environment comes at the expense of others, might it be an expression of selfishness rather than virtue? The more we focus on defending our environment, the less we may focus on environments outside our borders..."

Thanks to Sierra Club California Activist Forum

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Published on Sunday, December 18, 2005 in The New York Times Magazine


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