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Early morning view of new neighborhoods and Route 215 from the top of Lone Mountain in Northwest Las Vegas.

Zoning Has Support for Sprawl: Subdivision, Covenants, and Mortgages

Zoning codes are not the only kind of land use control that has built the U.S. residential market on the suburban model for more than a century, according to a recent article in The Urbanist.

January 17 - The Urbanist

Toronto Moss Park

Using Cellphone Data to Understand Park Use

A new University of Toronto study analyzes anonymous GPS data from smartphones to track how people use and interact with green spaces.

January 17 - University of Toronto News

Blue and yellow light rail train pulling into outdoor station in St. Paul, MInnesota

Leveraging Federal Funding for Transit Accessibility

Just 8 percent of U.S. households live near “high-quality transit.” How can federal infrastructure spending help fill this gap?

January 17 - Urban Institute

Parent and child walking, holding hands on mixed-use trail with trees

The Benefits of Walking in Urban Green Spaces

A new study by researchers in Virginia found that walking in a quiet urban setting with shade and greenery can significantly improve mood and reduce stress.

January 17 - VCU News

Close-up of two people pointing at a printed city map with pencils with a laptop in the background

Cities Need Data to Secure and Maximize Federal Funding

To secure and maintain federal funding for projects and programs, local governments need data to identify priorities, support grant applications, and monitor and track progress.

January 17 - Cities Today

Nighttime view of Cincinnati, Ohio skyline

Cincinnati Gets Serious About Pedestrian Safety

A new in-house team dedicated to pedestrian safety at Cincinnati City Hall and a new complete streets ordinance are some of the changes underway in Cincinnati.

January 17 - Streetsblog USA

Streetscape in Chinatown, Washington, D.C.


Density as a Scapegoat

Does compact development cause higher rents? No.

January 17 - Michael Lewyn

U.S. Census Bureau

Advancing Equity with Census Data

The U.S. Census Bureau offers a variety of data and tools that can be used by policy-makers and the public to better understand underserved communities and advance equity.

January 16 - U.S. Census Bureau

Two soccer players chasing a ball

Transit-Oriented Development with Soccer

Learn about StationSoccer, an innovative program in Atlanta which connects communities through transit, soccer, and leadership training.

January 16 - Urban Land

"Caution! Extreme heat danger" sign in Death Valley National Park with desert mountains in background

The Importance of Cooling Centers

A new UCLA study examines how formal and informal cooling centers are being used in Los Angeles County.

January 16 - UCLA Newsroom

A California Gull walks along the shore, searching for food while surrounded by a swarm of bugs.

L.A.’s Water Diversions Threaten Critical Habitat Far to the North

Water levels at Mono Lake, nestled in a stunningly beautiful location on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevadas that provides the eastern gateway to Yosemite, have fallen to a critical level of a local population of nesting gulls.

January 16 - Los Angeles Times

Rendering of grey convertible electric Hummer charging at a charging station against a sunset sky

Electric Car Batteries Spark Weight Concerns

A federal transportation official is warning that electric vehicle batteries, which can weigh thousands of pounds and make cars much heavier than their gas-powered counterparts.

January 16 - NPR

Aerial view of homes with downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin in background

Report: Wisconsin Zoning Rules Hold Back Housing Production

Updating zoning regulations would help the state meet its housing goals and encourage the construction of a broader variety of housing types.

January 16 - Wisconsin Public Radio

A woman wears a mask during the Covid-19 pandemic in a large crowd at a transit station in New York City.

Where Ridership-Only Service Design Comes Up Short

Jarrett Walker and Mathew Yglesias discuss one of the great quandaries of 21st century transit planning—how to increase cost effectiveness and ridership while also ensuring equity and service for underserved communities.

January 16 - Human Transit


New York Governor Takes a YIMBY Turn

Governor Kathy Hochul wants to build 800,000 new homes in New York in the next decade.

January 16 - Governor Kathy Hochul

View of Washington state capitol building dome from across lake with green trees in foreground and grey cloudy sky

Washington’s Proposed Housing Bills, Explained

The 2023 Washington state legislature will evaluate a slew of proposals aimed at increasing housing supply and affordability.

January 15 - Crosscut

Flooded park in Pakley, California during late 2022 atmospheric river storm

California’s Reservoirs are Filling Up, but For How Long?

Recent storms are bringing plenty of water to parched parts of California, but scientists warn the relief won’t be a long-term solution to longer, drier periods.

January 15 - The New York Times

Streets and buildings in historic Oxford, England.

What Draws Conspiracy Theorists to Traffic Calming Plans?

Proposals for road diets, ‘15-minute cities,’ and other traffic reduction programs often meet with unfounded conspiracy theories claiming that the plans are nothing short of steps to world domination.

January 15 - The Guardian

Multimodal Improvements Coming to Houston

The city is continuing its investment in safety and accessibility improvements for transit riders, pedestrians, and cyclists.

January 15 - Houston Public Media

Close-up of black elevator panel qith square white buttons missing 13th floor, person pushing floor 9


The Missing 13th Floor: How Ancient Fears Influence Modern Architecture

If you’ve ever looked closely at the elevator panel of a high-rise hotel or residential building, you’ve likely noticed something missing: a button for the 13th floor.

January 13 - Diana Ionescu

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