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Image of transit oriented development around Union Station in Denver.

Tech Jobs Could Be Dispersing Away From 'Superstar' Cities

The rise of remote work and a need for new talent may be pushing tech companies away from their traditional hubs, but 'superstar' cities continue to lead the way.

April 5, 2022 - Brookings

Saint Louis gateway arch and Kiener Park

St. Louis Plans to Become a Global Hub of Geospatial Tech

St. Louis stakeholders hope to build on the momentum provided by the arrival of the new western headquarters of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

June 25, 2020 - St. Louis Public Radio

Wisconsin State Capital

'Growth Centers' for a More Even Distribution of Tech Industry Growth

A few regions have hoarded the growth of the tech innovation economy. A Brookings paper argues that Congress can help distribute tech innovation in growth centers around the Heartland of the United States.

December 10, 2019 - Brookings

City of Bridges

Tech Momentum Gathers Outside the Silicon Valley and New York City

Think Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

May 22, 2019 - Bloomberg

San Francisco Bay Bridge

Tech Money Dominates S.F. Housing Market

The tech industry has created massive wealth, and the impacts on the real estate market are most dramatic in San Francisco.

April 27, 2019 - The Atlantic

Austin Texas

Apple Is Going Suburban Rather Than Urban in Austin

Apple has plans to build a new campus and expand its Texas workforce. The decision to expand to an Austin suburb points to both regional and national trends and outcomes.

January 3, 2019 - CityLab

Digital Billboard, Edmonton, Canada

Defining Qualities of Digitally Inclusive Cities

Brookings analyzes the characteristics of the local economy of eight American cities succeeding in bridging the digital divide.

November 15, 2018 - Brookings

Boston innovation district banner with lofts

Tech's Expanding Footprint

A new report from CBRE identifies the extent of the tech industry's expanding footprint in the United States, and where it might be headed next.

November 2, 2018 - CBRE

San Jose, California

Downtown San Jose Could Get Taller

In the Bay Area's biggest city, the debate over density pits two economic drivers against each other.

October 1, 2018 - Mercury News

Cupertino, California

Apple Could Make Northern Virginia a Tech Industry Powerhouse

Apple is pondering a major move into Northern Virginia. For comparison, state officials have pitched sites covering about half the desired size of Amazon's second headquarters and two-thirds the size of the Pentagon.

May 16, 2018 - The Washington Post


Silicon Valley Isn't Really Over

Though a handful of recent articles predicted "peak Silicon Valley," new numbers show the region is still producing lots of good jobs and attracting plenty of venture capital.

March 22, 2018 - Bloomberg View

Millennium Tower

San Francisco’s Salesforce Tower Opens, Underwhelms

Of the city’s newest, tallest building John King writes, “[it’s] as if the creators were so busy being tasteful they forgot that big buildings can be fun."

January 13, 2018 - San Francisco Chronicle


Facebook to Expand to the East Bay

The Bay Area's cup runneth over.

December 3, 2017 - The Mercury News


Is the Silicon Valley Past its Peak?

A lack of housing is responsible for an expected decline of the Silicon Valley's economic dominance, according to this opinion piece.

September 25, 2017 - Bloomberg View

Downtown Reno

Expecting Investment, Reno Targets Blighted Properties

As a nascent tech economy tests the waters, Reno's Vice Mayor spearheads an effort to equitably clear out blight and revisit the purpose of the city's downtown.

May 6, 2016 - Next City

Step Aside San Francisco: The Tech Industry Still Calls the Silicon Valley Home

You wouldn't be alone if you thought the tech industry had shifted its base of operations from the Silicon Valley to San Francisco. A new study of the tech industry's real estate footprint, however, reveals the South Bay's entrenched dominance.

January 12, 2016 - Silicon Valley Business Journal

San Francisco View from Dolores Park

Seattle Looks to San Francisco—For What Not To Do

San Francisco has long been the envy of other cities. But in recent years, as real estate prices have skyrocketed and the city's soul seems on the wane, many cities have begun looking at San Francisco as an example of what not to do.

October 14, 2015 - The New York Times

San Francisco Homeless

San Francisco Mayor to Increase Homeless Relief

Mayor Ed Lee has announced plans to devote $28.9 million to housing, medical aid, and counseling programs. Nonprofits will partner with the city in an effort to put rising municipal revenue to good use.

May 30, 2015 - SFGate

Google's Loss is LinkedIn's Gain in Silicon Valley

The city of Mountain View chose to allot most of the redevelopment rights in its much sought-after North Bayshore area not to the city's largest employer and taxpayer but to LinkedIn's more conventional proposal.

May 19, 2015 - The New York Times - Bits

Busy Downtown

On the Creative Neighborhood's Two Basic Forms

Richard Florida discusses a study comparing the neighborhoods that house "creative" industries. Science and tech tends to favor low-density office parks, while arts and cultural industries prefer mixed-use urban districts.

May 19, 2015 - CityLab

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