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April 4, 2021, 10am PDT
Like many attractive, economically successful cities Seattle has a housing crisis, but not a land crisis. There is plenty of land if the city will just grow up.
The Urbanist
April 2, 2021, 7am PDT
The new formulas for calculating the length of walk signals are designed to give people more time to safely cross the street.
The Seattle Times
March 25, 2021, 9am PDT
The city's new transportation plan focuses on eliminating carbon emissions in its transportation sector, reducing congestion, and boosting public transit.
The Seattle Times
March 8, 2021, 10am PST
Seattle's city council considers reducing 'arbitrary' and 'exclusionary' limits on home-based businesses.
The Urbanist
March 5, 2021, 7am PST
Seattle schools are often forced to reduce their playground space in favor of parking and circulation for private cars, but altering the city code could change that.
The Urbanist
March 3, 2021, 9am PST
Seattle trails international peer cities in its social housing stock, but there are steps city leaders can take to produce more units and increase affordability.
The Urbanist
February 24, 2021, 9am PST
A study of real estate values in Seattle found that townhomes have helped diversify neighborhoods and increase affordability.
February 14, 2021, 9am PST
The push for historic preservation districts often amounts to exclusionary zoning that exacerbates the housing affordability crisis.
The Urbanist
February 11, 2021, 9am PST
More cities are banning the use of natural gas in new buildings. Seattle is the latest example.
The Seattle Times
February 8, 2021, 8am PST
Putting a lid on the interstate through downtown Seattle could create new space for parks and housing, reduce pollution, and reconnect the disrupted street grid.
The Urbanist
January 25, 2021, 10am PST
Anticipating the opening of two new stations in 2024, the Seattle Department of Transportation released a study prioritizing bike infrastructure in the surrounding areas.
Seattle Bike Blog
January 19, 2021, 10am PST
Slow streets programs provided a quick short-term solution and paved the way for some permanent street closures and realignments. Now, these programs are getting a second look as community groups react to the changes.
Bloomberg CityLab
January 12, 2021, 9am PST
Land values and construction costs have increased since voters approved the Sound Transit 3 ballot initiative.
The Seattle Times
January 4, 2021, 9am PST
By prioritizing a multi-modal approach and preserving existing vehicle space, the Seattle Department of Transportation risks abandoning the goals of its bicycle master plan.
Seattle Bike Blog
December 31, 2020, 10am PST
A new law setting a minimum wage for Uber drivers takes effect in the New Year.
The Seattle Times
December 31, 2020, 9am PST
A regional high-speed rail network could be coming to the Pacific Northwest, linking cities from Oregon to British Columbia.
The Urbanist
December 29, 2020, 10am PST
After underestimating costs by hundreds of millions, Seattle is forced to cut back on proposed seismic improvements for the city's bridges.
The Seattle Times
December 28, 2020, 12pm PST
Impatient with the city's light rail expansion plans, some residents are looking to aerial gondolas as a new mode of public transit.
The Urbanist
December 28, 2020, 10am PST
Almost half of bike helmet citations in the city are issued to people experiencing homelessness.
December 10, 2020, 12pm PST
Even with the fiscal uncertainty of the pandemic, voters around the country overwhelmingly supported new funding for public transit projects.