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4 days ago
AB 356 could be "the most aggressive municipal water conservation measure that's been taken in the western United States."
The Nevada Independent
June 6, 2021, 7am PDT
Oakley, a small town in Summit County, Utah, has paused new development while it redraws its land use map and brings new water supply online.
Park Record
May 26, 2021, 9am PDT
The latest Bureau of Reclamation report on water levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead trigger new drought contingencies in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.
Upper Colorado River Commission
May 13, 2021, 8am PDT
With Arizona bearing the brunt of the first round of drought-induced water cuts, with more sure to follow, the Arizona State Legislature is looking over the horizon for potential solutions.
Mohave Valley Daily News
May 10, 2021, 9am PDT
As climate change heightens the risk of intense drought periods, a new framework can help scientists better understand the interconnected causes and effects of drought.
May 7, 2021, 8am PDT
The region has poured over a billion dollars into storage infrastructure and demand management policies in anticipation of worsening drought conditions.
Bloomberg Green+CityLab
May 5, 2021, 8am PDT
Arizona will lose one-fifth of its water allotment from the Colorado River in 2022 as cuts from the river's Drought Contingency Plan take effect.
Arizona Republic
April 27, 2021, 11am PDT
The effects of climate change are already cutting deeply into the lifeblood of the U.S. West—the Colorado River.
Arizona Republic
April 21, 2021, 8am PDT
The megadrought continues, with contingency plans differing by location.
April 15, 2021, 11am PDT
Despite the region's best efforts to conserve water, there's still a lot of grass in the Las Vegas that no one ever walks or plays on. That could change soon.
Associated Press
Blog post
February 3, 2021, 7am PST
Many companies set goals to achieve by 2020 and came up short, while the effects of climate change were more obvious than ever in the year that was 2020.
James Brasuell
January 21, 2021, 11am PST
Signs of worsening drought conditions in the American West are triggering early actions for states that depend on water from the Colorado River.
January 4, 2021, 11am PST
With warmer temperatures sapping the flow of water and communities clamoring for higher volumes, the Colorado River needs strict management to continue serving millions of people and farms.
Los Angeles Times
April 20, 2020, 8am PDT
The Western United States is experiencing a drought the scale of which has only been seen once before in the past 1,200 years, according to a new study. Climate change is not a future problem, say the researchers responsible for the study, it's here.
The Washington Post
March 26, 2020, 9am PDT
As drought conditions continue, the state is preparing for the possibility that the two dangerous public health and safety threats will overlap.
San Francisco Chronicle
December 19, 2019, 1pm PST
States in the Lower Basin of the Colorado River will contribute more water in order to keep reservoirs from reaching critically low levels.
December 12, 2019, 8am PST
New research is quantifying the environmental consequences of land use patterns and water diversions in Northern Utah.
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 26, 2019, 11am PDT
New agreements and the first cutbacks in water usage signal the start of concerted efforts keep the river and reservoirs from dropping to dangerous levels.
Arizona Republic
July 21, 2019, 9am PDT
Rivers are high and drought conditions have been lifted, but experts say that the 19-year drought in Colorado isn't over.
April 5, 2019, 1pm PDT
A Los Angeles Times editorial board sheds light on the ongoing environmental disaster of the Salton Sea in California, and the lack of action by the state to mitigate the worsening impacts.
Los Angeles Times