D.C. Metro Bus

D.C.-Area Residents Want Bus Lanes and Free Transfers, Survey Shows

New survey findings identify transit priorities among residents in D.C. and surrounding areas, and indicate broad support for public investments.

July 24, 2019 - Greater Greater Washington

Bus Lane

New Bus-Only Lanes Arrive in D.C.

The new bus lanes will operate at morning and afternoon rush hours starting today.

June 3, 2019 - Greater Greater Washington

Meter Maid

Vision Zero Proposal Includes Citizen Parking Enforcement

One perhaps overlooked detail of an ambitious Vision Zero bill proposed last week for Washington, D.C.: a provision that would allow ordinary citizens to issue parking tickets.

May 16, 2019 - WTOP

Washington D.C. Street

D.C. Transportation Bills to Move Vision Zero Plan Closer to Reality

Washington, D.C., is not meeting its Vision Zero goals. Three proposed bills would put requirements in place to make traffic safety a priority.

May 13, 2019 - Greater Greater Washington

K Street Extension

After Decades of Planning: New Life for K Street Transitway in Washington, D.C.

Planners in multiple decades have sought to dedicate center lanes of K Street in downtown Washington, D.C. to high-capacity transit. The mayor recently offered a strong show of support.

March 21, 2019 - Greater Greater Washington

D.C. Metro

SafeTrack Over, Metro D.C.'s Ridership Continues to Decline

Greater Greater Washington's "Metro Reasons" column analyses the latest ridership data from the D.C. Metro system. Riders have not returned to the system after the SafeTrack repair program concluded in 2017.

May 10, 2018 - Greater Greater Washington

Youngstown, Ohio

Saving America's Small Cities

Small cities are an asset to the country, so politicians and thinkers on the left and right would do well to stop calling for their inhabitants to flee, Henry Garbar argues in Slate.

February 7, 2018 - Slate

Washington Monuments

Better Land Use Planning: One of the Best Ways to Improve Transportation

Smart growth advocates have been making this point for years, but a new report from the Washington, D.C. regional planning organization provides more evidence for the strategic location of population and job growth.

November 19, 2017 - Greater Greater Washington

D.C. Metro Bus

Four Ideas to Improve D.C. Buses

It isn't always easy, especially for politicians and engineers, but there are proven ways to save a floundering bus system.

October 5, 2017 - Greater Greater Washington

Disable Access

Accessibility Barriers Continue to Plague Some Metro Systems

Most metro systems in the United States tend to score high on accessibility, while European systems have mixed results.

September 28, 2017 - The Guardian

Retention Credits and a Big Investment Overhauling D.C.'s Stormwater Infrastructure

An article details the nascent successes of an innovative program by Washington, D.C. to fund green infrastructure improvements to its stormwater and wastewater systems.

March 22, 2016 - CityLab

The Interplay of Housing and Transportation

Housing on city fringes may be cheaper, but research has shown that after a certain threshold (about 15 miles), the high cost of commuting is no longer offset by it.

February 19, 2009 - Natural Resources Defense Council

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