code enforcement

Peachtree Street Atlanta

Audit: Police Should Take On Atlanta Zoning Enforcement

A city audit recommends shifting zoning enforcement from the planning department to the police department.

January 25, 2022 - Saporta Report

Vacant Lot

Unpermitted RV Park Faces Code Enforcement Pressure in Oakland

A controversy over the unpermitted use of RVs for shelter on an otherwise empty lot in West Oakland reveals a confluence of Bay Area housing crises.

April 28, 2021 - The Mercury News

Home Repairs

Code Enforcement as Coronavirus Response Policy

The Center for Community progress offers advice on effective code enforcement during a time of extreme economic duress.

May 28, 2020 - Center for Community Progress

Snow Removal

Minneapolis Considers Drastic Action to Clear Snow-Blocked Sidewalks

Minneapolis is stepping up enforcement of snow removal scofflaws and considering taking on the job of clearing sidewalks in the name of walkability.

November 6, 2018 - Star Tribune

Court Restores 'Doors and Windows' Code Enforcement Ordinance in Philadelphia

One of Philadelphia's most potent code enforcement tools is back in effect after the state Supreme Court overturned a previous ruling by a lower court.

September 29, 2018 - PlanPhilly

Hidden New York City

Landlords Owe NYC $1.5 Billion for Building Code Violations

Violations of the building code go unenforced in New York City.

September 7, 2018 - Crain's New York Business

Anchorage Officials Take on Code Scofflaws After Decade of Inaction

Anchorage officials have started to take a more assertive effort toward the clean up of nuisance buildings and properties that have become magnets for crime and other problems. This is the first clean-up of this scope since 2007.

August 7, 2018 - Anchorage Daily News

Syracuse Tries a New Approach to Code Enforcement

A new code compliance program in Syracuse makes community engagement a priority.

December 7, 2017 -

Detroit Vacant Properties

Using Big Data to Identify Problem Properties

In New York state, municipalities can apply to use a new tool that gathers property data and sifts for red flags. The intent is to identify potential blight before it sets in.

April 29, 2017 - NextCity

Pasadena Urged to Purge Poison Pills from ADU Reform Ordinance

Pasadena is adopting accessory dwelling unit (ADU) reform in response to state legislation designed to spur affordable housing options by easing restrictions on ADUs. But is it really entrenchment dressed as reform?

January 30, 2017 - UrbDeZine

Pasadena's Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance Called Out as a 'Poison Pill'

Pasadena's accessory dwelling unit is designed more to prevent than accommodate accessory dwelling units. Planner and Pasadena resident Jonathan P. Bell implores the city's Planning Commission to reform it.

December 13, 2016 - UrbDeZine

Death Toll at 36 in Friday Night's Fire at Oakland Warehouse

Lax code enforcement is one of the concerns being raised by the devastating fire that occurred during a rave-style party, Artists had taken up residence in the building, which was not permitted for either general assembly events or residences.

December 6, 2016 - Los Angeles Times

The Data Science Behind New Orleans' Blight Reduction Efforts

The BlightSTAT system has helped New Orleans track and improve blighted conditions around the city.

October 21, 2016 - Data-Smart City Solutions


Pittsburgh Launches New Permit and Code Tracking Website

The city of Pittsburgh launched a Buildingeye website to provide new access to the development and approval process in the city.

October 16, 2016 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Who's Right in the Informal Housing Debate?

When Los Angeles County Planner Jonathan P. Bell wrote about informal housing in the region, several commenters responded. So Bell decided to answer questions and critics.

November 18, 2014 - UrbDeZine

Pittsburgh's Proposed Budget to Shuffle Bureau of Building Inspection

Pittsburgh will attempt to spur economic development and streamline the city's permitting and code enforcement process by reorganizing the Bureau of Building Inspection.

November 12, 2014 - Pittsburg Post-Gazette

Baltimore's Code Enforcement Has Teeth with 'Vacants to Value' Initiative

Baltimore is increasing lawsuits against negligent property owners with outstanding code violations. As part of the city's "Vacants to Value" initiative, forfeited properties are transferred to receivership and auctioned to new owners.

July 24, 2014 - The Baltimore Sub

A Growing Body of Knowledge Examines Unauthorized Housing in Los Angeles

An academic look at unauthorized housing in the Los Angeles area: Interview of Jacob Wegmann by Los Angeles County Planner Jonathan Bell

June 21, 2014 - UrbDeZine

In Atlanta, Using Social Media for Code Compliance

Suffering from widespread blight from foreclosures and absentee owners, a new "unofficial" Facebook page lets Atlanta residents play code compliance officer.

August 26, 2012 - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tulsa "Code Enforcement" Sparks Outrage

The demolition of a Tulsa resident's edible garden, deemed "too tall" by city inspectors, has sparked a civil rights lawsuit, and is generating national attention.

June 21, 2012 - Grist

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