Central and South America

January 28, 2008, 12pm PST
<p>This video from <em>Streetfilms</em> shows and explains the workings of Bogota, Colombia's bus rapid transit system -- one of the world's most highly regarded systems.</p>
December 15, 2007, 7am PST
<p>The new public transit system in Santiago, Chile, is having implementation troubles, and it's leaving many commuters upset.</p>
December 11, 2007, 6am PST
<p>At the current rate of infrastructure spending for sewer construction and other sanitation measures, there won't be universal access to sanitation in Brazil fore more than 115 years.</p>
Inter Press Service
December 4, 2007, 5am PST
<p>Every Sunday from 7am to 2pm, up to 2 million residents of Bogotá, Colombia enjoy over 70 miles of car-free streets. The event is called Ciclovía. StreetFilms brings you along for the ride.</p>
November 30, 2007, 5am PST
<p>President Hugo Chávez is guiding government plans to create several brand new cities to serve as models of social and environmental harmony.</p>
The Washington Post
November 7, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>Take a tour inside what may be the skinniest house ever built -- the bite-sized answer to the McMansion.</p>
Ah Boon
October 31, 2007, 2pm PDT
<p>Bogotá, Colombia has made significant efforts to integrate bicycling facilities into its TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit system. The New York City Streets Renaissance team was there to learn more and take a look.</p>
October 29, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>Belo Horizonte is by no means a well-known city from the South American country of Brazil. But with more than 12,000 bars, the city is gaining notoriety as one of the world's best places to drink.</p>
The New York Times
October 9, 2007, 2pm PDT
<p>A new public transit system in Santiago, Chile, is struggling to operate as planned, stretching commutes and stranding many riders after unexpected route changes. The system's inefficiency has prompted an investigation and apology from the president.</p>
October 4, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>This article from the <em>BBC</em> looks at what life is like on the other side of the fences in Guantanamo City, Cuba.</p>
October 3, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>A new report warns that unless proper precautions are take, a plan to unite South American economies through transportation and infrastructure projects could result in widespread destruction of the Amazon rainforest.</p>
Environmental News Network
September 29, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>Sao Paulo, Brazil, has recently brokered the first regulated stock sale of carbon credits, collecting more than $18 million in exchange for credits covering nearly 1 million tons of carbon emissions. This may lay the foundation for a carbon market.</p>
The Houston Chronicle
September 25, 2007, 8am PDT
<p>Plans are under consideration for a massive port redevelopment in Jamaica that could create one of the most active shipping ports in the Caribbean.</p>
Jamaica Gleaner
September 19, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>While the ailing Fidel Castro remains behind the scenes in Cuba's governing, his brother Raúl has earned popular praise for putting various quality-of-life projects on the fast track.</p>
September 18, 2007, 12pm PDT
<p>Residents in the Bolivian city of Sucre are mounting an effort to have their city regain its status as the country's capital -- a designation is lost in 1899. But the costs of transferring the political infrastructure from La Paz would be immense.</p>
International Herald Tribune
September 16, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>The second phase of Sao Paulo, Brazil's strict advertising and signage ban has begun, and is resulting in the renovation and preservation of the city's historic facades.</p>
The Christian Science Monitor
September 6, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>Fast-moving plans to build a subway system in the Dominican Republic have some locals angry over a waste of money and others commending the leadership for good foresight.</p>
International Herald Tribune
August 30, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>Brazil is considering a bold plan to get water to its arid northeast by diverting one of the country's largest and most famous rivers. But many are protesting the plan, saying the water will mainly benefit business, not the rural poor who need it.</p>
August 22, 2007, 10am PDT
<p>Sao Paulo Brazil has implemented a ban on outdoor advertising, calling it "visual pollution."</p>
August 22, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>Greenpeace is claiming that a Brazilian scheme to settle tens of thousands of families has become little more than a "scam" to sell off logging rights in the Amazon.</p>