Stuck In Traffic? Get Comfortable

Refrigerators, microwaves, aroma therapy , and other ew technologies to comfort, soothe, and entertain you while you are stick in congested traffic.

December 11, 2002, 5:00 AM PST

By Abhijeet Chavan @

"Mood lighting fills the cockpit with a warm fireside glow. Your seat adjusts to a relaxing position and begins gently massaging and warming your aching back. Soothing jazz flows from the digital surround stereo...All these gizmos are now in the works inside carmakers' research labs."And for the final touch, vanilla candle scent wafts from the vents. As you exit the parking garage, you leave the rat race behind and are transported back to the womb."

Thanks to Abhijeet Chavan

Monday, December 9, 2002 in Daily Herald

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