Cities Don't Need Special Treatment

<p>This opinion piece from <em>The Boston Globe</em> calls for an end to the special treatment and unfair taxes levied on city residents.</p>
March 4, 2008, 2pm PST | Nate Berg
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"In the past, urban creativity was an interesting sideshow, not the main economic event, but today, the rebirth of Boston and New York and London has been built on the increasingly important urban edge in connecting innovative people. The same economic forces that did so much to harm industrial cities in the 1970s - globalization and technological progress - also increased the returns to being smart and you become smart by being around other smart people. We are in a great urban age, because urban connections forge human capital and create innovation."

"Does the special role that cities play in the economy and society mean that cities need special treatment from state and national governments? No. Cities are strong. Give them a level playing field and they can compete robustly. However, cities shouldn't have to face a policy deck stacked against urban living."

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Published on Friday, February 29, 2008 in The Boston Globe
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