Planetizen's Most Popular Pieces of 2013

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As Planetizen enters its 15th year, we're looking forward to bringing you another stimulating year of news, commentary, and professional development. But before the calendar turns to 2014, we wanted to take a look back at our most popular blog posts, exclusive articles, and news items from 2013. 

It's an exciting time for those of us in the planning, design, and development community and we hope we've been able to help inspire your work, introduce you to new ideas, teach you a new skill or tickle your funny bone over the past twelve months. Thanks, as always, to our esteemed contributors, partners, and readers for another great year!

In case you missed them, here are Planetizen's most popular pieces of 2013:

Blog Posts

  1. Density Done Well, and Not Just Downtown
  2. The Most Important Urban Design Decision Vancouver Ever Made
  3. Good Urban Parks and Our Wellbeing
  4. Yes You Can (Get Groceries Without A Car)
  5. There's a Planning App for That
  6. Who Should Pay for Transportation Infrastructure? What is Fair?
  7. Mythbusting: Exposing Half-Truths That Support Automobile Dependency
  8. Density Reduces Driving (Even At Pretty High Densities)
  9. Critiquing the "Urban Mobility Report"
  10. Writing a Statement of Purpose for Graduate Education

Exclusive Articles

  1. Top 10 Websites - 2013
  2. The 100 "Best" Books on City-Making Ever Written?
  3. Top 10 Books - 2014
  4. Why Do Certain Retail Stores Cluster Together?
  5. Top Trends 2012-2013
  6. A Plan To Shrink Detroit (Well)
  7. Who Teaches Planning?
  8. BRT: Cities Get on Board with Better, Reliable Transportation
  9. Taking the Guesswork out of Designing for Walkability
  10. Graduating Into the Workplace: Perspectives from Recent Planning Grads

News Items


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