Landscape Architecture

Madrid, already famous for deciding to impose stringent limitations on driving, has a plan to blanket the city in green to increase its resilience to the effects of climate change.
Yesterday   Fast Co.Exist
Patano Studio Architecture is doing double duty as advocate and concept designer for an idea called Seattle C.A.P.
3 days ago   Next City
New research reveals more of the details of how trees provide therapeutic effects for humans.
Jan 29, 2016   The New Yorker
Cars and cyclists have issues at intersections. A new type of intersection design from the Netherlands offers improved protection to cyclists. The solution is based on the four islands near each corner of the intersection.
Jan 22, 2016   Huffpost Good News
Maybe not so much, according to an article in the Globe and Mail.
Jan 16, 2016   The Globe and Mail
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In a recent interview posted on The Dirt, the Texas-based landscape architect Christy Ten Eyck talked about wh Blog Post
Jan 12, 2016   By Mark Hough
Next City surveys the most ambitious examples of park design from a year of ambitious projects.
Jan 11, 2016   Next City
A plan in Singapore to transform the former Keretapi Tanah Melayu railway will create a linear park ten times longer than the High Line.
Jan 8, 2016   Quartz
A victory lap for one of the organizations spearheading the MillionTreesNYC program, which after eight years of effort succeeded where many other cities have failed.
Jan 7, 2016   New York Restoration Project
The Wyvernwood Garden Apartments, a large-scale low-rise development opened in 1939, are at the center of a preservation debate. Lauren Walser gives us the case for keeping them.
Jan 3, 2016   National Trust For Historic Preservation
An unfamiliar title for a familiar collection of concepts, psychogeography examines the good and bad effects of environments on the thoughts and feelings of people.
Dec 31, 2015   The Urban Edge