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A Planetizen Announcement is the most affordable, and easiest way to reach thousands of professionals in the planning, design and development community.

Standard Listing
Featured on Home Page 3 DAYS MINIMUM
Published in Newswire YES
Featured Alongside Related News Pages YES
Published on Newsfeed YES
Price $99.95


Featured on the Planetizen homepage

Your announcement will appear on the Planetizen homepage for a minimum of three days, ensuring that your message is seen by tens of thousands of planners, designers and architects, developers, and other professionals and academics who visit our website every day.

Published in the Planetizen Newswire

Your announcement will be included in the next issue of the Planetizen Newswire (published twice-weekly on Monday and Thursday), reaching over 17,000 subscribers in the planning, design and development community.

Displayed alongside related news pages on Planetizen

Your announcement will be displayed alongside relevant news stories on Planetizen, helping you to target readers in a particular field or region.

Published on the Planetizen Webfeed

In addition to Planetizen, your announcement will appear on dozens of other websites and blogs that carry the Planetizen Webfeed.

Posting your announcement

You must login with your user account before you can post an announcement on Planetizen. If you do not have a user account, please create a new account. It's quick, easy and free of charge.

Billing options

Planetizen offers flexible billing options -- pay with a credit/debit card or request an invoice (extra $20 handling fee applies). Your announcement will be reviewed by one of our editors and published within one business day.

Want even more exposure?

Social Media Package
Our social media package includes an announcement that will be published on the website as well as posted to our Facebook and Twitter communities, and included in the next email newsletter sent to over 20,000 subscribers.

Leaderboard Advertising
Make an impact with our new leaderboard ad spot. This eye-catching spot will display a large banner ad at the top of the site and is limited to only one advertiser at a time on a weekly basis.

Premium Advertising
Our main advertising block is prominently featured, and appears on nearly every page of our site.

For more information, see our advertising options and rates or download Planetizen's Advertising Guide [PDF, 1.2 MB].

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