July 30, 2005, 9am PDT
Overlays allowing granny flats and customized zoning for unique development situations meet needs, reduce excessive regulations, promote affordable housing.
Daily Herald
July 21, 2005, 11am PDT
Local politicians are taking the fight against global warming past Washington politics and directly to the people.
Grist Magazine
June 22, 2005, 1pm PDT
Plans to temporarily house over 44,000 tons of nuclear waste at the Skill Valley Reservation in Utah are pushing forward, despite Utah officials' objections.
The Salt Lake Tribune
April 17, 2005, 9am PDT
What is next for two failing shopping malls owned by the Mormon Church in downtown Salt Lake City?
The New York Times
April 14, 2005, 10am PDT
Planners hope to counter rows of monotonous housing with design standards such as mandating "visual relief" through architectural features and a minimum of two colors on each unit.
Deseret News
April 7, 2005, 7am PDT
Honor students at the University of Utah use downtown Salt Lake City as a case study of public participation in the planning process.
Salt Lake City Weekly
January 2, 2005, 5am PST
New rail stations to open in 2007 will offer residents of towns north of Salt Lake City new economic options.
Deseret News
December 19, 2004, 7am PST
A Salt Lake City ordinance is designed to bring pedestrians back to the city's streets.
The Salt Lake Tribune
October 19, 2004, 1pm PDT
Oil and gas leases are devastating wilderness areas in Utah, even though these supplies are enough to feed US oil demand for about four days.
The Independent
October 12, 2004, 6am PDT
A study commissioned by officials in Ogden , UT, concludes a gondola system would be cheaper than a light rail line.
Daily Herald
September 17, 2004, 10am PDT
Pundits say there may be legal and financial snags with the Utah open-space measure to be voted on in November
The Salt Lake Tribune
September 13, 2004, 12pm PDT
The Bureau of Land Management has auctioned off nearly nearly 40,000 acres of legislatively proposed wilderness in Utah to oil interests -- although studies show the resulting oil would serve the country's needs only for a few weeks.
Wilderness Society
September 10, 2004, 10am PDT
The process for long-range land use and transportation planning works with Envision Utah to tie the two together.
The Salt Lake Tribune
September 9, 2004, 5am PDT
Two new rapidly growing Utah towns grow beyond expectations, and beyond service areas.
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 31, 2004, 10am PDT
Historical trends in rainfall may mean cities in the West are living beyond their means. [Link corrected.]
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 29, 2004, 5am PDT
A city adopts ordinance to discourage big-boxe retailers.
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 24, 2004, 10am PDT
A popular petition to raise money for preservation of open space in Utah will now likely be on the November ballot, thanks to the Utah Supreme Court
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 24, 2004, 6am PDT
The Utah Supreme Court rules that a citizen referendum attempting to overturn a rezone was not appropriate.
Deseret News
August 20, 2004, 12pm PDT
With population in the Salt Lake metro area expected to grow by an additional 1 million by 2030, build-out of the MPO's 2030 transportation plan is sorely needed.
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 13, 2004, 6am PDT
City Council debates benefit of light rail extension to tie intermodal hub into the rest of the light rail system.
Deseret News