Worker in yellow safety suit holding up orange SLOW sign on road

New Orleans Faces $1 Billion Shortfall for FEMA-Funded Roadwork

After years of delays, cost overruns, and deadline extensions on a FEMA-funded street repair program, New Orleans officials face a massive funding shortfall and accusations of mismanagement.

June 17, 2024 - NOLA.com

Pythian Building in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Permanent Affordability That Wasn't: Lessons from the Pythian Building

A high-stakes, high-profile community land trust project once hailed as a triumph in New Orleans ended in disaster for its residents, but it’s important to draw the right lessons about why.

June 12, 2024 - Shelterforce Magazine

Close-up of metal manhole cover with pelican logo and 'East Baton Rouge Parish Department of Public Works.'

How ‘Opportunity Hoarding’ Harms Communities

Wealthy communities are incorporating their own cities, draining tax revenue and resources away from surrounding neighborhoods.

June 11, 2024 - Bloomberg CityLab

Paved bike path on top of earthen dike levee along Mississippi River in Louisiana.

Louisiana Coastal Protection Agency Under Threat

The state’s new governor wants to shrink the power of the agency, which has spearheaded essential flood protection and mitigation efforts since the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

May 29, 2024 - The Washington Post

Aerial view of downtown New Orleans, Louisiana.

How New Orleans is Reaching Unhoused Residents

A new city office brings together resources to offer wrap-around services and housing to the most vulnerable residents.

May 17, 2024 - Governing

View of Louisiana state capitol building and downton Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge Will Split into Two Cities Following Court Ruling

A wealthy portion of Baton Rouge will split off and incorporate its own city in what proponents say is a bid for better schools and reduced crime, but critics say it will gut Baton Rouge’s tax base and result in a wealthy ‘white enclave.’

May 1, 2024 - The New York Times

White bike helmet lies upturned on a road with red bicylce underneath the front of a far in the background.

Florida Is the Deadliest State for Cyclists

Seven of the 10 U.S. counties with the highest cyclist fatality rates are located in Florida, new analysis shows.

February 20, 2024 - The Guardian

Smoke coming out of stack at petrochemical plant in Louisiana.

Judge Halts EPA Action in ‘Cancer Alley’ Civil Rights Case

EPA investigations into violations of the Civil Rights Act in Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley” were ruled as “federal overreach.”

January 26, 2024 - Common Dreams

Aerial view of oil refinery near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

EPA: Louisiana Can Approve Carbon Capture Projects

Environmental groups worry carbon sequestration could impact water supplies and pollute the same communities already impacted by oil and gas extraction.

January 14, 2024 - Fox 8

Exterior side view of a single-story brick home missing back half of roof and a debris pile in the front yard.

Commentary: We Need to Build for Disaster, Not Simply Focus on Recovery

As the frequency and severity of weather events increases, building codes need to be adjusted to include resilience principles.

January 4, 2024 - Route Fifty

Blurred close-up of movers in blue coveralls unloading cardboard boxes from moving van.

Population Losers

California's population dipped below 39 million as of July, according to the Census Bureau, after seeing its net domestic migration loss this year exceed last year's. Only New York has seen a greater loss as a percentage of population.

December 28, 2023 - San Francisco Chronicle

Row of blue Blue Bikes bike share bikes at docked station on sidewalk in New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans Bike Share Celebrates 300,000 Rides

The city revived its bike share system under a community-run model in 2021.

December 26, 2023 - Biz New Orleans

Red, yellow, and green plastic playground equipment in small park under Claiborne Expressway overpass in New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans Residents Fight Freeways With Science

A local coalition is collecting data that proves the harmful impacts of the Claiborne Expressway on the surrounding community.

December 22, 2023 - NPR

View looking up at wrought iron French Quarter balcony in New Orleans with bright green fern plants in planters.

New Orleans Short-Term Rentals in Limbo

A federal judge halted the city’s lottery-based program in August, leaving current and prospective hosts in a legal gray area.

November 22, 2023 - Wired

Historic streetcar in middle of street in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana with palm trees and historic lampposts lining the street.

New Orleans Uses AI To Improve Traffic Safety

A new platform uses technology to improve traffic flow and reduce the risk of collisions with streetcars.

September 20, 2023 - Biz New Orleans

A map depicting a row of cities long a highway, focusing on the city of Kaplan with surrounding cities blurred.

Louisiana Town Sets Permanent Curfew for Walking and Biking

Public perceptions about noise and drugs have led the city of Kaplan in Louisiana to prohibit walking and biking at night.

July 13, 2023 - KLFY

Red and yellow New Orleans streetcar running down street lined with palm trees

New Orleans Makes Big Plans for Transit

Still recovering from the long-term impacts of Hurricane Katrina, the city is looking to build out and modernize its transit system to improve mobility for its many transit-dependent residents.

July 12, 2023 - Governing

Sunset or sunrise view of coastal wetlands in Louisiana

Louisiana Approves Coastal Restoration Master Plan

The latest update to a state-mandated coastal protection and restoration plan calls for wetlands restoration and new levees to protect communities from flooding.

June 30, 2023 - Governing

View of renovated Greek Revival Carrollton Courthouse at golden hour with new construction building next to it

A Historic Courthouse Becomes Senior Housing

A New Orleans courthouse will now provide assisted living facilities, along with street-facing balconies and a bar.

May 23, 2023 - Bloomberg CityLab

Graphic with photo of Amy Stelly superimposed on image of Claiborne Expressway elevated freeway in New Orleans, Louisiana

Healing a Neighborhood: Amy Stelly’s Efforts to Tear Down the Claiborne Expressway in New Orleans

Amy Stelly’s childhood dream was to remove the highway that devastated her neighborhood. Now that those efforts have gained traction, institutional biases remain as much of a barrier to neighborhood healing as the highway itself.

May 17, 2023 - The Planning Commission Podcast

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