November 10, 2003, 7am PST
Writing in a PLANetizen Op-Ed, Rick Bishop argues that cartoonish architectural design reinvigorates southern California cities.
November 9, 2003, 7am PST
A cynical writer goes undercover in the new urbanist suburb of Evergreen Village in San Jose, California.
November 7, 2003, 2pm PST
Sprawl around San Diego has put people in the path of wild fires.
The San Diego Union-Tribune
November 7, 2003, 5am PST
California voters decided on two dozen land use ballot measures on November 4.
California Planning and Development Report
November 6, 2003, 11am PST
Urban planning may be a good foundation for a political career. Three urban planners, including William Fulton, are elected to the Ventura City council.
The Los Angeles Times
November 6, 2003, 9am PST
Livable Places has developed a fact sheet with incentives cities and counties can provide to assist transit-oriented development.
Livable Places
November 6, 2003, 5am PST
The discount store's 'lowest possible prices' come at too steep a price for Contra Costa County, CA.
November 6, 2003, 4am PST
Ecologists examine the long-term impact of wildfires on air, soil, and wildlife.
The Christian Science Monitor
November 5, 2003, 9am PST
California Governor Schwarzenegger is expected to name a conservationist to lead the state's environmental agency.
The Los Angeles Times
November 4, 2003, 10am PST
California's fire disaster is a reminder that development in the state is headed in the wrong direction.
The San Diego Union-Tribune
November 3, 2003, 11am PST
The new Disney Hall should not be expected to save a downtown that, in many ways, already has a lot going for it. But is arts the cure-all for what is percieved to be an ailing downtown?
The Los Angeles Times
November 3, 2003, 8am PST
For those who insist on living in fire-prone areas, 'design can be the first line of defense.'
The New York Times
November 1, 2003, 7am PST
West Sacramento has learned to cope, and flourish, in spite of California's fiscal chaos.
The Planning Report
October 31, 2003, 5am PST
As urban sprawl encroaches upon California's oldest wineries, owners are concerned about the future of their industry.
The Baltimore Sun
October 29, 2003, 2pm PST
Assemblyman Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) offers his prescription for restoring the fiscal and political health of the state.
The Metro Investment Report
October 29, 2003, 9am PST
Author Mike Davis writes about the ingredients that have caused Southern California's most devestating wildfire.
October 28, 2003, 3pm PST
Why do Southern California planners and developers keep building in harm's way?
The Los Angeles Times
October 28, 2003, 9am PST
Are the perils of building on fire-prone urban-wildland interface too great, or part of the costs of a growing city?
The Los Angeles Times
October 28, 2003, 5am PST
The state wrestles with age-old issues of growth amid some of the worst fires in history.
The Christian Science Monitor
October 27, 2003, 1pm PST
The Planning Report interviews the CEO of Tejon Ranch Corp. about Southern California's largest development project.
The Planning Report