View from shore of Sepulveda Basin water catchment basin with marsh plants along shore.

LA’s ‘Spongy’ Infrastructure Captured Almost 9 Billion Gallons of Water

The city is turning away from stormwater management practices that shuttle water to the ocean, building infrastructure that collects and directs it underground instead.

February 25, 2024 - Wired

Flooded street in Houston, Texas.

Assessing Houston’s ‘Climate Abandonment Areas’

Most of the census tracts designated at high risk of flooding are in less affluent neighborhoods.

February 7, 2024 - Urban Edge

Aerial view of coastal Oregon town.

NOAA Releases High-Resolution Coastal Data

The new data can help communities identify risks and assess potential land use impacts in coastal areas.

January 29, 2024 - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Aerial view of flooded homes in coastal area of Florida after Hurricane Ian.

A Guide for Managed Retreat

Many communities at increased risk of flooding and wildfires will need to relocate. Here’s how local and regional governments can prepare.

January 22, 2024 - Route Fifty

Paved rural road in developing country with water on either side.

‘Green Roads for Water’ Meshes Transportation With Water Conservation

Simple, sometimes ancient designs can transform roadways into environmental conservation tools.

December 29, 2023 - Wired

Concrete flood control infrastructure under construction in New York City.

New York Flood Control Plan Takes Lessons From the Dutch

The Netherlands has a long history of flood mitigation. U.S. cities, threatened by coastal flooding and erosion, are taking note.

December 24, 2023 - E360

Flooded street with two-story homes and palm trees being blown in the wind during a hurricane in Miami, Florida.

‘Reverse Migration’ Brings New Risk: Climate Change

Black Americans are flocking to southern states, but many popular destinations face growing threats from extreme weather.

December 19, 2023 - Inside Climate News

White house surrounded by several inches of tidal floodwaters.

A Different Approach to Managing Climate Displacement

As climate-driven flooding and storms put increasing pressure on coastal communities, some say the piecemeal nature of federal recovery and mitigation efforts aren’t cutting it.

December 14, 2023 - Bloomberg CityLab

Sunset view of Williamsburg Bridge from East River Park walkway next to river with one jogger.

East River Floodgates Rising in NYC

A tour of new infrastructure designed to protect the city’s East Side from catastrophic flooding.

November 6, 2023 - Curbed

View of windy road in Marin County and Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco skyline in background at sunrise.

California State Law Calls on Coastal Regions to Create Resiliency Plans

Cities and counties at risk of flooding and erosion from sea level rise can access state funding to implement coastal resiliency plans.

October 27, 2023 - Bay City News Foundation

Palm trees on Santa Barbara beach against the red glow of a wildfire

Urban Design for Addressing Climate Resilience

Cities around the world are finding ways to protect their residents and infrastructure from the impacts of extreme weather and natural disasters.

October 13, 2023 - Architecture Daily

Brown and white "flash floods: next 55 miles" road sign in Death Valley, California

A Hurricane in Death Valley

The heavy rain brought by a rare West Coast hurricane could have long-lasting impacts on this iconic American landscape.

September 7, 2023 - Los Angeles Times

Palm trees on Santa Barbara beach against the red glow of a wildfire

California Considers Climate Resiliency Bond for 2024 Ballot

The proposed state general obligation bond would address the need to protect communities and natural resources from the impacts of climate change.

July 3, 2023 - California Local

Sunset or sunrise view of coastal wetlands in Louisiana

Louisiana Approves Coastal Restoration Master Plan

The latest update to a state-mandated coastal protection and restoration plan calls for wetlands restoration and new levees to protect communities from flooding.

June 30, 2023 - Governing

Aerial view of beach homes in Galveston, Texas

Looking for a Beach House? Check Your Risk First.

A new report from the insurance industry names the historic town of Galveston, Texas as the riskiest place to buy a beach house in the United States.

June 26, 2023 - Houston Chronicle

Sandbags stacked in front of a red door on a brick building with ground in front flooded with water

Study: FEMA Buyout Program Could be Accelerating Segregation

A new analysis of the relocation patterns of households that participate in FEMA’s flood buyout program reveals a pattern of increased racial segregation.

June 22, 2023 - Grist

Flooded park agains the downtown Houston skyline

Houston-Area Flood Insurance Costs Eat Into Region's Affordability

A reorganization of FEMA’s flood insurance program will mean increases in insurance costs for coastal homeowners.

June 14, 2023 - Urban Edge

Wildfire threatening hillside homes in Yucaipa, California

Home Insurers Are Fleeing California

Homeowners in the state are finding it increasingly difficult to secure insurance policies thanks to the growing risks of wildfire, drought, and other climate threats.

June 7, 2023 - Curbed

Flooded street and two downed trees with downtown Houston buildings in background

Houston’s ‘Ike Dike’ Won’t Adequately Protect the City

The largest project ever undertaken by the Army Corps of Engineers may not be enough to protect Houston-area communities from flooding during the most severe hurricanes, according to the Corps’ own analysis.

April 27, 2023 - Grist

North Carolina Outer Banks Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Working With Nature, Not Against It

The concept of ‘natural capital’ calls on policymakers to consider the value of natural infrastructure, which can often improve climate resilience without expensive construction projects.

March 22, 2023 - Scientific American

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