Fast Food

Driver reaching for chagne at drive-through window

Faster Food

Responding to pandemic-era shifts in customer demand, fast food and fast-casual chains are stripping away dining rooms, restrooms, and human cashiers in favor of drive-through and automated pickup options.

September 13, 2022 - Slate

New York City Homelessness

Chain Retail Slow to Recover From Pandemic in New York City

2020 was a rough year for retail chains in New York City, making even a slow year, like 2021, look like a recovery.

December 24, 2021 - Commercial Observer

Fast Food Restaurant

McDonald's: Where the Nation Feels Welcome

McDonald's takes a lot of heat for the quality of the food, but most Americans still associate the fast food giant's restaurants, and others like it, with family, community, and good times.

July 4, 2019 - CityLab

Fast-Food restaurant

Wendy's Smaller Restaurants to Serve Drive-Thru Customers

Wendy's has been updating the look and design of their restaurants since last year, but now a new layout will shrink the footprint and add efficiency to the fast food spot.

May 23, 2018 - Forbes

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Wants You to Walk, Not Drive, to the Border

Is Taco Bell finally prepared to bring to fruition the future predicted in the 1993 movie Demolition Man?

October 5, 2017 - Food & Wine

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Making a Run for the Urban Border

Popular millennial-focused chain plans to open up to 200 locations of a new urban-focused concept serving craft beer and fresh, upscale food.

March 10, 2017 - Modern Cities

Tacos and Beer

Trendy Chicago Taco Bell to Serve Alcoholic Drinks

Would you like a cerveza with that? A hip neighborhood in Chicago will play host to the first alcohol-serving Taco Bell. Isolated incident, or the future of fast food?

May 29, 2015 - Chicago Tribune

Fast Food

Fighting Food Deserts in Los Angeles

Public health analysts and justice activists are tackling food deserts in a state known for its agricultural output. Low-income neighborhoods of color are the hardest hit by a lack of grocery options.

March 20, 2015 - Pacific Standard

Food Sign

40 Visualizations of America and its Relationship with Food

A new post by Vox includes 40 maps, charts, and graphs explain that where and how food works in America.

June 10, 2014 - Vox

Maybe Fast Food Isn't to Blame for Obesity After All

Though cities like Los Angeles have established moratoriums on the construction of new fast food residents in an effort to tackle obesity, a new study questions the importance of place-based causes and solutions.

January 20, 2014 - Los Angeles Times

Coloradans are Least Obese, But Still Gaining Weight

Colorado has been heralded as the trimmest state in the country, but NPR reports that residents' weight is still on the rise.

October 7, 2011 - NPR

Drive-Thrus Banned at Birthplace

The city of Baldwin Park, California -- purported home of the world's first drive-thru -- is temporarily banning any new construction of drive-thrus to try to combat obesity.

August 4, 2010 - The Christian Science Monitor

Town Looks to Ban New Franchises

The small community of Tofino on Vancouver Island is looking to ban all future franchise retail establishments from moving into town.

March 11, 2010 - The Vancouver Sun

First Fast Food, Now South L.A. Looks to Ban Convenience Stores

Community activists are calling for a ban on new convenience stores in South Los Angeles, a lower income part of town that saw a ban on new fast food restaurants last year.

October 13, 2009 - The Los Angeles Times

Fast Food Ban Doesn't Trim the Fat

A ban on new fast food restaurants in South Los Angeles which was put in place last year has been found to play little role in reducing obesity in the area, according to a new report from the Rand Corporation.

October 10, 2009 - Los Angeles Times

Sustainable Chalupas?

A new KFC/Taco Bell combo restaurant in Northhampton, Massachusetts has been awarded LEED certification.

June 25, 2009 - Yum! Brands

L.A.'s Fast Food Ban Boosts Health and Healthy Businesses

A moratorium on new fast food restaurants in Los Angeles is seen as a way to encourage better public health, but also a way to encourage healthier businesses.

August 16, 2008 - The New York Times

Fast-Food Moratorium Moves Ahead in L.A.

A proposal to ban any new fast-food restaurants in South Los Angeles for one year has received unanimous approval from a city committee, and will head next to city council for approval. Concerns have been raised about what qualifies as "fast food".

July 24, 2008 - The Los Angeles Times

Friday Funny: Wasn't That A Taco Bell?

Not Fooling Anybody collects photos of former chain restaurants that have been awkwardly converted into ethnic restaurants, chiropractors, police stations, and more.

June 27, 2008 - Not Fooling Anybody

More Fast Food Makes Fatter Neighborhoods

High rates of obesity and diabetes are being correlated to high concentrations of fast food restaurants in neighborhoods. Some look to zoning as a solution.

May 5, 2008 - The Los Angeles Times

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