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Car-Centric Planning

4 days ago
The proposed expansion would affect smaller multi-family developments and include incentives for reducing travel during peak hours and encouraging transit, walking, and biking.
Urbanize Los Angeles
6 days ago
The Congress for the New Urbanism's "Freeways Without Future 2021" report leverages the current political moment by spotlighting 15 U.S highways for removal.
CNU Public Square
June 13, 2021, 11am PDT
Want to know which streets are most likely to produce a negative emotional response among Seattle transportation safety advocates? Read on.
The Stanger
June 8, 2021, 8am PDT
The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is in the early stages of planning for two projects that could leverage plans to rebuild two freeways in the city with plan to reconnect the neighborhoods they severed.
The Dallas Morning News
June 8, 2021, 6am PDT
The ongoing political controversy about the priorities of the public realm in New York City is likely to last into the next mayoral administration.
The New York Times
June 7, 2021, 12pm PDT
The agency's board members spoke out forcefully against air pollution and displacement, but stopped short of completely rejecting the project, looking instead to cleaner vehicles and regulations that mitigate community concerns.
Los Angeles Times
June 4, 2021, 8am PDT
Raleigh, North Carolina is the latest in a series of cities pursuing a significant departure from the 20th century planning status quo.
The News & Observer
May 18, 2021, 11am PDT
Congestion relief is promised as the Washington Department of Transportation begins to rework the existing I-5 roadway in Downtown Seattle to mitigate a stretch of freeway with a reputation as the state's worst bottleneck.
The Seattle Times
May 14, 2021, 6am PDT
Highway expansion has been shown, time and again, to increase traffic and congestion. Cities are finally getting the message.
May 13, 2021, 7am PDT
Two options for significant parking reforms are under consideration in St. Paul. The City Council could decide to eliminate parking requirements entirely as soon as this summer.
Pioneer Press
May 13, 2021, 6am PDT
Interstate 270, the Capital Beltway, will no longer by widened as part of the I-495/I-270 Managed Lanes Project.
Bethesda Magazine
April 25, 2021, 7am PDT
Of the $568 billion in spending proposed by the "Republican Roadmap," $299 billion would go to infrastructure for cars.
April 19, 2021, 11am PDT
In many cities, the public realm saw a drastic shift towards pedestrian-oriented infrastructure. The L.A. Times editorial board argues we should keep it that way.
Los Angeles Times
April 14, 2021, 9am PDT
The erroneous belief that the negative impacts of interstate highways are simply "unintended consequences" fails to demand accountability for the project's failures.
The Metropole
April 13, 2021, 7am PDT
Despite the narrative about infrastructure spending priorities shifting toward emissions-reducing investments in the American Jobs Plan, the car-centric status quo expects more of the same.
CBS 21
April 11, 2021, 9am PDT
In the works since 1999, the Centennial Project by Tejon Ranch Co. seemed to have cleared its final hurdle in 2018, but a Los Angeles County court ruling has created another hurdle for the sprawling development.
Los Angeles Times
Blog post
April 8, 2021, 6am PDT
The significance of the Biden administration's expansive view of infrastructure is reflected in the flood of commentary published in the week since the public's first look at the American Jobs Plan.
James Brasuell
April 8, 2021, 5am PDT
Hoboken has spent the past several years investing in new bike infrastructure, and traffic collisions of all kinds have since decreased.
StreetsBlog NYC
April 1, 2021, 8am PDT
In a letter to the department, the city called for an increased focus on shifting demand away from single-occupancy vehicles and boosting other forms of transportation.
March 26, 2021, 5am PDT
A new plan would spend an estimated $17 billion to remove a huge chunk of the Interstate Highway System's footprint in Hartford, Connecticut.
The CT Mirror