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July 16, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>The marketing departments of many large companies that have setup stores in the virtual world, Second Life, are finding that it's hard to compete with places developed by residents.</p>
The Los Angeles Times
July 15, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>Green spaces and parks are becoming increasingly important as more and more people inhabit urban areas.</p>
The Toronto Star
July 14, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>A new study demonstrates that long commutes negatively impact a community's pool of volunteers and decreases social capital.</p>
July 13, 2007, 6am PDT
<p>San Francisco is experiencing a resurgence of high-tech businesses and wealth similar to what was seen during the dotcom boom. But this time around, the city's recovery from the bust of the dotcom era has a much different character.</p>
The Economist
July 13, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>The move towards organic, chemical-free lawn care is sending ripples through suburban neighborhoods across the country.</p>
The Wall Street Journal
July 12, 2007, 12pm PDT
<p>New York City has plans to install a permanent closed-circuit camera system throughout the city. It is based on a similar system in London, which some credit with preventing terrorist acts. But the system's constitutionality is a major concern.</p>
The Christian Science Monitor
July 11, 2007, 11am PDT
<p>Research by one economist suggests that lead poisoning may cause a person to engage in criminal activities, which counties with high lead levels having higher murder rates.</p>
The Seattle Times
July 10, 2007, 2pm PDT
<p>Study predicts that by 2050 California's population will grow by 75%. Experts weigh in on what this means to planning for the state's growth.</p>
The Los Angeles Times
July 9, 2007, 2pm PDT
<p>DPZ finished three designs late last week detailing a level of urbanity that promises to make the sprawling 650 square mile City of Houston a more attractive place in the 21st century.</p>
The Houston Chronicle
July 9, 2007, 6am PDT
<p>Seattle's public participation process has served as an example for cities across the globe, but the former city official who was instrumental in creating that reputation says the city's current leadership has moved away from that model.</p>
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
July 5, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>The president of Brazil has pledged nearly $2 billion to improve basic services and infrastructure in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. He hopes that providing running water, schools, and better roads will counteract the high crime rate in the slums.</p>
Blog post
July 4, 2007, 5pm PDT

As an educator who also enjoys practice, I periodically weigh up where my efforts are best spent. Is it making a difference via educating students in the classroom, and through my research and writing, as they use this knowledge in their work in the distant future? Or can I make a difference more directly though practice now? It is hard to know which path is best and the path of teaching is a riskier choice. Truly exceptional teachers and scholars, however, can make an enormous impact.

Ann Forsyth
July 4, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>By ignoring the "spinoff" effects of urban growth and sprawl, planners in Jamaica have unwittingly encouraged the creation of slums and overcrowded urban centers, according to experts.</p>
Jamaica Gleaner
July 4, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>New York City has approved tighter regulations on noise in the city, an effort officials hope will improve the quality of life for residents in the notoriously noisy city.</p>
July 3, 2007, 9am PDT
<p>Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk discusses Miami 21, the City of Miami's effort to rezone the entire city using the principles of the new urbanism.</p>
The Miami Herald
July 3, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>Downtown Los Angeles has long been a heavily used site for filming. But as the area's population rises, filmmakers are meeting resistance from residents who are fed up with the disturbance.</p>
The Los Angeles Times
July 3, 2007, 5am PDT
<p>A new report from the United Nations Population Fund argues that cities should be planning ahead to handle the expected population boom in urban areas.</p>
New Scientist
July 2, 2007, 10am PDT
<p>Auto makers are set to launch new cars priced at $3000 in India. Andrew Buncombe reports on the massive social, economic, and environmental impact of the new affordable vehicles.</p>
The Independent
July 2, 2007, 2am PDT
<p>A new United Nations report highlights the problems of prosperity and poverty in world's most livable city.</p>
The Vancouver Sun
July 1, 2007, 7am PDT
<p>Commentator Barbara Ehrenreich laments the 'luxurification' of every scenic spot in America.</p>
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