November 19, 2003, 11am PST
Robert Lang addresses the need in San Diego to engage in better planning practices and increase density to accomodate future growth.
Yahoo! Newswire
November 19, 2003, 8am PST
Planners, developers and environmentalists weigh Arnold Schwarzenegger's approach to growth policies in California.
Los Angeles Daily News
November 18, 2003, 6am PST
Pearl District apartments fetch the Portland region's highest rents, condos are selling for more than $1 million and people just can't get enough.
The Oregonian
November 18, 2003, 5am PST
Do building moratoriums work? Developers and others in one of the fastest growing communities in Connecticut say no.
The Hartford Courant
November 17, 2003, 11am PST
A county council imposes a language requirement for occupants of new homes.
Irish Independent
November 17, 2003, 6am PST
Wendell Cox and the 'Preserving the American Dream' conference arrive in Cincinnati.
Cincinnati CityBeat
November 15, 2003, 11am PST
Melbourne concurs for the need to control growth, but not exactly how and where.
The Age, Australia
November 13, 2003, 1pm PST
In efforts to increase the availability of affordable housing, a new California state law will make the construction of granny units easier.
Contra Costa Times-Walnut Creek
November 13, 2003, 11am PST
Will Frank Gehry's masterwork, Walt Disney Concert Hall, serve as a catalyst for large-scale city-making in downtown Los Angeles?
The Slatin Report
November 13, 2003, 8am PST
A report by the largest conservation organization in New England ties 'mansionization' to the loss of open spaces in Massachusetts.
The Boston Globe
November 13, 2003, 7am PST
A business group in the Bay Area invests in a private firm 'to bring private dollars into poor neighborhoods and promote infill, local business revitalization and contaminated site cleanup.'
Contra Costa Times-Walnut Creek
November 12, 2003, 1pm PST
Southern California's former El Toro military airbase may be cleared, but not for airplanes.
The Los Angeles Times
November 11, 2003, 12pm PST
Chattanooga's 120 million dollar upgrade to its waterfront is progressing rapidly
November 10, 2003, 11am PST
Harvard University is one of many educational institutions that Boston city officials have asked to create housing for students and employees.
The Boston Globe
November 10, 2003, 6am PST
A Hartford Courant editorial gives reasons for why a current city proposal to implement an 'affordable rental standard' is bad for Hartford.
The Hartford Courant
November 9, 2003, 9am PST
As the fate of the HOPE VI program is debated in Congress, HUD puts the pressure on some local housing authorities to move their projects forward--or face severe penalties.
Yahoo! Newswire
November 9, 2003, 7am PST
A cynical writer goes undercover in the new urbanist suburb of Evergreen Village in San Jose, California.
November 9, 2003, 5am PST
Pingree Grove, IL, a small town of 125, is doing what it can to keep from being engulfed by what seems to some as 'inevitable.'
The Chicago Tribune
November 7, 2003, 11am PST
The Earned Income Tax Credit could improve housing affordability more effectively than federal housing programs.
The Brookings Institution
November 6, 2003, 9am PST
Livable Places has developed a fact sheet with incentives cities and counties can provide to assist transit-oriented development.
Livable Places