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April 21, 2008, 2pm PDT
<p>Winnipeg, Manitoba has selected a local developer to fill the city's top planning job, with some left wondering what direction the city's growth will take under the new director.</p>
Winnepeg Free Press
April 21, 2008, 1pm PDT
<p>With Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan defeated, can the city's vision for long-term sustainability be achieved?</p>
The Gotham Gazette
April 21, 2008, 12pm PDT
<p>A recent working paper considers the implications of housing the nation's aging population.</p>
Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
April 21, 2008, 11am PDT
<p>With planning likely to become a major issue in next year's mayoral campaign, a recent survey shows that most residents would support new rules -- including possibly land use zoning -- to manage the region's sprawling development.</p>
The Houston Chronicle
April 21, 2008, 10am PDT
<p>A recent editorial argues that Detroit must look for ways to concentrate its dwindling population in a smaller, more compact city if it is to survive.</p>
The Detroit Free Press
April 18, 2008, 11am PDT
<p>Forget major rail expansion. The Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority hopes a new bill will first allow it to afford office space and hire an executive director.</p>
The Tampa Tribune
April 18, 2008, 10am PDT
<p>President George W. Bush is expected to announce his nomination of Steve Preston, head of the Small Business Association, as the new chief of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.</p>
The New York Times
April 18, 2008, 9am PDT
<p>Drug traffickers, growers and drug law enforcement agents are wreaking havok on the forests of Central America, where large plots of forest are clear-cut for drug crop growing and sprayed to eliminate illicit substances.</p>
Scientific American
April 18, 2008, 6am PDT
<p>The environmental leadership of mayors in the U.S. offers much hope for the future of the country, according to this article from <em>Metropolis</em>.</p>
Metropolis Magazine
April 17, 2008, 9am PDT
<p>Officials and residents in Snohomish County, Washington, are grappling over proposed changes to their comprehensive plan. A major point of contention is whether "fully contained communities" should be allowed.</p>
The Seattle Times
April 16, 2008, 1pm PDT
<p>Without a clear federal plan to counteract the swath of foreclosures sweeping across the country, state governments are finding ways to reduce the local impacts.</p>
The Washington Post
Blog post
April 16, 2008, 11am PDT
Can any North American city have a meaningful public discussion about sustainability, about its "green-ness" or ecological footprint, without having the challenging but necessary public discussion about the city's density? 

Many are still trying to. Many freely trumpet smart growth and sustainability without the tension and trouble that comes with discussing the "d-word" openly, and thus avoid the necessary heavy-lifting. Few politicians, and embarrassingly not enough city planners, are willing to tackle the density issue publicly, as it is still what Sustainable Urbanism author Douglas Farr calls the "3rd rail" of sustainable city building.

Brent Toderian
April 16, 2008, 10am PDT
<p>A HUD plan that allows municipalities to buy up foreclosed homes for just $1 is causing controversy in Wayne County, Michigan, where cities and counties are fighting over who is best suited to take over abandoned homes.</p>
The Detroit Free Press
Blog post
April 16, 2008, 8am PDT

I’ve been torn lately between two contradictory perspectives on the state of the country as it relates to providing transportation infrastructure and service.

Steven Polzin
April 16, 2008, 7am PDT
<p>Mobile taco trucks in Los Angeles may face tougher fines for parking in any one place for too long if proposed restrictions are passed by the county.</p>
The Los Angeles Times
April 15, 2008, 2pm PDT
<p>While experts now say that the lease term Indiana agreed to was too long, and the payment it received in return too small, so far all parties appear to be better off –- the road, the drivers, the toll takers, the Governor, and the state.</p>
The New York Times
April 15, 2008, 10am PDT
<p>Cairo, Egypt is becoming increasingly noisy.</p>
The New York Times
April 15, 2008, 9am PDT
<p>Officials in El Paso, Texas have been working with state and federal officials on a plan to bring rapid transit to the city within three years.</p>
El Paso Times
April 15, 2008, 7am PDT
<p>An Army Corps of Engineers flood control project in south-central Mississippi is in danger of being vetoed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. But supporters have not given up hope.</p>
The New York Times
April 15, 2008, 5am PDT
<p>With Americans driving less for the first time ever, its time to create a new comprehensive plan for transportation in the United States.</p>
Detriot Free Press