January 31, 2005, 8am PST
Greenpeace says "clean coal" isn't what it is purported to be.
January 28, 2005, 12pm PST
Bush administration is determined to pass the Clear Skies Act, a major amendent to the Clear Air Act.
Grist Magazine
January 28, 2005, 6am PST
U.K. Prime minister Tony Blair appealed to the U.S. to support measure to address global warming.
The Guardian Unlimited
January 27, 2005, 2pm PST
A study by Oxford University published in the journal Nature -- one of the largest climate prediction projects ever run -- predicts that global temperature increases could be higher than previous studies suggested.
BBC News
January 27, 2005, 1pm PST
Human beings may have saved themselves from an ice age by impacting the Earth's environment, according to a new study.
Irish Examiner
January 25, 2005, 8am PST
A new generation of "megacity urbanists" is emerging.
January 25, 2005, 6am PST
It may soon be too late to fight global warming says a new report. For the first time in a document of its kind, it also identifies a threshold beyond which it would not be possible to reverse the impact of climate change.
The Independent
January 24, 2005, 10am PST
An index of environmentally sustainable nations prepared in collaboration with World Economic Forum lists Finland, Norway and Uruguay at the top. How does the U.S. rank?
The New York Times
January 23, 2005, 9am PST
Readers talk back about the Christian-right take on environmentalism
Grist Magazine
January 22, 2005, 1pm PST
A review of Worldwatch's State of the World 2005 edition.
Joel Makower
January 21, 2005, 8am PST
A first-in-the-nation experiment in electricity pricing is demonstrating that consumers are willing to change how they use electricity -- and save money in the process.
Chicago Sun-Times
January 20, 2005, 10am PST
Threatened bald eagles make their home in the an unlikely urban wildlife refuge.
The Washington Post
January 19, 2005, 5am PST
Megacities are especially prone to earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, says the U.N.'s Disaster Relief Director.
Environmental News Network
January 18, 2005, 8am PST
Report by the National Academy of Sciences claims that the Bush administration's "Clear Skies Initiative -- a proposed reform of current air-quality standards -- will be less effective than the existing Clean Air Act.
The Washington Post
January 16, 2005, 11am PST
Toxic spills by Mexico's oil company, Pemex have turned a coastal area into 'one of the most contaminated regions in the world.'
The Los Angeles Times
January 15, 2005, 7am PST
William Ruckelshaus and K.C. Golden argue that it is about time we started address the problem of global warming.
The Seattle Times
January 14, 2005, 12pm PST
Does climate change have anything to do with the strange weather we have been experiecing lately?
Democracy Now!
January 14, 2005, 10am PST
Scientists have concluded that the amount of sunlight reaching the earth's surface has been declining. Paradoxically, this could mean worsen the impact of global warming.
BBC News
January 14, 2005, 5am PST
Grist Magazine features a special series investigating the alleged 'Death of Environmentalism'.
Grist Magazine
January 13, 2005, 2pm PST
The countries now suffering from the effects of the recent tsunami are the very ones scientists say will bear the brunt of rising sea levels brought on by climate change.
The Boston Globe