February 13, 2002, 8am PST
Herbert Muschamp reviews Renzo Piano's design for the addition to the Morgan Library in New York.
The New York Times
February 12, 2002, 7am PST
England's Guardian notes that it's not just snobs who wasn to see the revival of traditional architecture.
The Guardian Unlimited
February 11, 2002, 8am PST
Well-know planner Alexander Garvin, named to lead lower Manhattan's redevelopment, backs a mixed use plan.
February 11, 2002, 7am PST
The events of September 11th have served as a vehicle to attack skyscrapers, urbanism and development in general.
February 11, 2002, 6am PST
A New Urbanism-style development in Arvada, CO resorts to blending new urbanism and suburban styles to attract the market.
The Rocky Mountain News
February 11, 2002, 5am PST
Protesting a new development in the suburbs of St. Paul, MN the "Pinkville Three" have started an urban fuchsia forst.
St. Paul Pioneer Press
February 7, 2002, 11am PST
WaterView is a new 65-acre development where "the Cleavers would feel at home."
Sun Spot
February 7, 2002, 6am PST
New urbanist infill development sprouts in Tulsa, and downtown living becomes cool.
Urban Tulsa Weekly
February 6, 2002, 8am PST
Sarah Boxer examines the role of the World Trade Center towers in the movies.
The New York Times
February 5, 2002, 9am PST
A young architect returns to the East L.A. projects to make them safer and more livable.
The Los Angeles Times
February 4, 2002, 2pm PST
Even though New Urbanism wouldn't exist without the Bay Area and its visionaries, the movement still lacks a presence in the region. Why?
The San Francisco Chronicle
February 4, 2002, 12pm PST
Noted architects envision the future of the World Trade Center site.
The Washington Post
February 4, 2002, 9am PST
Steven Johnson discusses the challenges urban planners face in creating the cities of the future that offer protection from terrorism.
February 2, 2002, 11am PST
The Bronx Developmental Center, considered to be a "masterpiece of Modernism." Architects and historians are concerned about plans to partly demolish and expand the complex.
The New York Times
January 31, 2002, 1pm PST
Architecture critic Blair Kamin traces the rise of celebrity architects and wonders if local firms do a better job than out-of-town "starchitects."
The Chicago Tribune
January 29, 2002, 6am PST
Bill Price of the University of Houston is experimenting with translucent concrete and is aiming for fully transparent concrete.
The Economist
January 28, 2002, 2pm PST
The politics behind building a memorial at the site of the World Trade Center.
The Economist
January 28, 2002, 1pm PST
People who suffer from claustrophobia find it difficult to live in modern cities like New York.
The New York Times
January 28, 2002, 12pm PST
Roger K. Lewis discusses the role of natural light in the design of buildings.
The Washington Post
January 28, 2002, 5am PST
Studio 360 features a conversation about Jane Jacobs, the who understood and celebrated "emergence" before it had a name.
Studio 360