United States

January 18, 2004, 11am PST
Multiuse trails located adjacent to active rail lines, have become increasingly common in the United States.
National Center For Bicycling And Walking
January 18, 2004, 7am PST
Pennsylvania and California -- one old economy, one new economy. But both are seriously threatened by the dramatic changes taking place in the American economy.
Smart City
January 18, 2004, 5am PST
A quarterly survey objectively measures how Australian’s feel about a range of personal and national issues. Those results have been grouped to produce a ranking of capital cities.
Sunday Times
January 17, 2004, 11am PST
The Barn Saver, a business started by John High, salvages entire barns or their component parts for reconstruction on other sites or re-use in homes, furniture and crafts.
The New York Times
January 16, 2004, 2pm PST
Is innovation the only important factor in a successful urban strategy?
Joel Kotkin
January 16, 2004, 1pm PST
Fortune Magazine examines how the Interstate Highway System reshaped the Fortune 500 and the economy.
January 16, 2004, 12pm PST
A new analysis of the location and migration patterns of younger and older workers, especially those with college degrees, counters some commonly held notions about "brain drain" and examines policies to address the impacts of these locat
The Brookings Institution
January 16, 2004, 11am PST
A UK effort to provide wireless Internet access may end up being used to control traffic.
The Register
January 16, 2004, 10am PST
A conservation group releases its annual list of the nations 10 most endangered national parks.
The Miami Herald
January 16, 2004, 9am PST
Portland's weekly magazine reports on the link between sprawl and obesity in Oregon.
Willamette Week
January 16, 2004, 8am PST
Cool meets canal in Ypenburg, the Netherlands.
The New York Times
January 16, 2004, 7am PST
Next week China launches the world's fastest train, which uses magnetic levitation technology and runs at 430kph.
The Guardian Unlimited
January 16, 2004, 6am PST
I decided to organize Black Boxes: Enigmas of Space and Race after a professor claimed that African-American architecture was an oxymoron.
January 15, 2004, 1pm PST
Edmonton developer has ambitious dreams to open up the central core of the city's sprawling river valley to appropriate mixed used development.
Edmonton Journal
January 15, 2004, 12pm PST
Study finds that smart growth policies are good for construction jobs.
Good Jobs First
January 15, 2004, 8am PST
Will all sedans eventually morph into light trucks and SUVs?
The New York Times
January 15, 2004, 7am PST
National Association of Home Builders is promoting a new form of home: 'Loft living in the suburbs.'
Wall St. Journal
January 14, 2004, 2pm PST
The Trafalgar Pole cleans up cluttered streetscapes, consolidating utility boxes in the base of a street light.
The Toronto Star
January 14, 2004, 12pm PST
A sharp increase in building permit approvals for second homes in Victoria's coastal towns are raising questions about appropriate forms of development and the adequacy of local planning.
The Age, Australia
January 13, 2004, 2pm PST
The link between transportation and land development potential has long been recognized, but the treatment of land use and site design options as transportation strategies is a key element of smart growth.
Transit Cooperative Research Program