New York

February 8, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>With the post 9/11 displacement of many financial firms, residents, along with restaurants and shops, have started to move into the area -- remaking the financial hub into a desirable place to live.</p>
The American
February 7, 2007, 10am PST
<p>The first apartment buildings will soon begin rising on the former Hudson Yards, made possible by the rezoning of 300 acres two years ago.</p>
The New York Times
February 6, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>Critic Paul Goldberger suggests that New York planner Robert Moses may deserve another look at the "sheer scale of his achievements." Goldberger reviews the forthcoming book, "Robert Moses and the Modern City: The Transformation of New York".</p>
The New Yorker
February 6, 2007, 10am PST
<p>While many argue over the costs and benefits of requiring LEED-certification, some affordable housing developers have shown that building green doesn't require following the program's recommendations.</p>
February 6, 2007, 7am PST
<p>Brooklyn's Starrett City is for sale. While most of the rents of the almost 5,900 apartments are federally subsidized, the tenants fear eventual displacement. Governor Spitzer has signaled he is willing to assist to keep the project affordable.</p>
The New York Times
February 5, 2007, 2pm PST
<p>With ground floor rents in Manhattan skyrocketing, many independent merchants are moving their storefronts to once vacant second stories.</p>
The New York Times
February 4, 2007, 7am PST
<p>A housing rights advocacy group in New York has released a report accusing the city of placing homeless people into substandard housing as part of a rent-subsidy program.</p>
The New York Times
February 2, 2007, 12pm PST
Three NYC exhibits at Columbia University, Museum of the City of New York, and Queens Museum of Art, will soon open featuring the works of Robert Moses that mark the first look at the City’s master builder since Robert Caro's, "The Power Broker".
The New York Times
January 30, 2007, 8am PST
<p>Some fear that New York has lost its foothold as the pedestrian capital of America.</p>
The New York Times
January 29, 2007, 11am PST
<p>In New York City, the first juried design competition for affordable and sustainable has found its winner.</p>
Architectural Record
January 26, 2007, 1pm PST
<p>Home Depot and Apple are dropping plans for two big Manhattan stores. The Slatin Report offers the insider's view on the deals.</p>
The Slatin Report
January 26, 2007, 11am PST
<p>In October, Planetizen reported on the "largest real estate deal in US history". Profits of the $5.4 billion sale in NYC could be reduced by 6%, or $324 million, if tenants win their suit that 25% of the 12,232 apartments were illegally deregulated.</p>
The New York Times
January 24, 2007, 12pm PST
<p>A wave of gentrification is threatening Manhattan's Puerto Rican enclave.</p>
The New York Times
January 23, 2007, 9am PST
<p>While most New Yorkers deem traffic congestion a serious problem, even more oppose congestion pricing in Manhattan as a strategy to lessen it, according to the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute survey released January 18.</p>
AP via New York Post
January 22, 2007, 6am PST
<p>The long and convoluted tale of the demise of a container port and the planned rebirth of a piece of Brooklyn waterfront.</p>
The New York Observer
January 19, 2007, 7am PST
<p>A New York architect takes on the challenge of redesigning a 1920's era building in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.</p>
The New York Times
January 18, 2007, 9am PST
<p>The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear a New York property owner's case against his city for its use of eminent domain to acquire his land for the development of a drugstore. The owner claimed that a drugstore was not a true 'public use'.</p>
The New York Times
January 18, 2007, 8am PST
<p>Chain stores have invaded Manhattan and now look to open in other New York City neighborhoods. Meanwhile, San Francisco's planning commission has the power to reject chain retail and restaurants. And they have been using that power.</p>
The New York Times
January 16, 2007, 7am PST
<p>With her patrician manner and focused attention to the quality of buildings and public space, New York City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden has become a controversial figure in the city's planning and development circles.</p>
The New York Times
January 16, 2007, 5am PST
<p>A new wave of public street furniture has rolled out in New York City, including bus shelters, newsstands, and automatic public toilets. Some are unsure whether the new designs will be accepted by a city already overwhelmed with visual individualism.</p>
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