November 19, 2003, 11am PST
Robert Lang addresses the need in San Diego to engage in better planning practices and increase density to accomodate future growth.
Yahoo! Newswire
November 19, 2003, 9am PST
MTA buses and trains run in Los Angeles once again as the one of the longest transit strikes in the City's history comes to a tentative halt.
The Los Angeles Times
November 19, 2003, 8am PST
Planners, developers and environmentalists weigh Arnold Schwarzenegger's approach to growth policies in California.
Los Angeles Daily News
November 17, 2003, 10am PST
A new study by the Weingart Center shows that the city's economy has collapsed over the past 30 years.
The Los Angeles Times
November 16, 2003, 1pm PST
Growth in California is driving need for increased transportation investment. [Link Corrected.]
The Sacramento Bee
November 16, 2003, 11am PST
The newly built Robert Redford Building in Southern California (office of the Natural Resources Defense Council)will likely bolster Santa Monica's reputation as a center for sustainable architecture.
The New York Times
November 15, 2003, 1pm PST
Eco-friendly homes are on the rise, but many Americans still aren't sure just what they're getting when they buy green.
The New York Times
November 14, 2003, 12pm PST
Robert Redford will join John Adams, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), to open the group's new Southern California office, which is constructed to the highest green building standards.
Yahoo! Newswire
November 14, 2003, 11am PST
A local historic preservation group grades cities on efforts to save old landmarks; over 40 cities receive an F.
The Los Angeles Times
November 13, 2003, 1pm PST
In efforts to increase the availability of affordable housing, a new California state law will make the construction of granny units easier.
Contra Costa Times-Walnut Creek
November 13, 2003, 11am PST
Will Frank Gehry's masterwork, Walt Disney Concert Hall, serve as a catalyst for large-scale city-making in downtown Los Angeles?
The Slatin Report
November 13, 2003, 7am PST
A business group in the Bay Area invests in a private firm 'to bring private dollars into poor neighborhoods and promote infill, local business revitalization and contaminated site cleanup.'
Contra Costa Times-Walnut Creek
November 12, 2003, 1pm PST
Southern California's former El Toro military airbase may be cleared, but not for airplanes.
The Los Angeles Times
November 12, 2003, 5am PST
Consumers have less time on their hands while desiring more authenticity than before. Responding to these preferences, developers see Target and Nordstroms as next-door neighbors.
The San Francisco Chronicle
November 11, 2003, 2pm PST
Governor-elect of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger favors restoration of declining urban environments. His website criticizes "fiscally unsustainable sprawl" and promises new incentives revitalization of blighted areas.
Orange County Register
November 11, 2003, 1pm PST
Nine of California's ten most dangerous railroad crossings have been fixed. The tenth remains a hazard.
The Los Angeles Times
November 11, 2003, 7am PST
Malls have been replaced by big-box superstores as the new town square. How long will it be until they have to surrender control to people exercising their free-speech rights?
LA Weekly
November 10, 2003, 7am PST
Writing in a PLANetizen Op-Ed, Rick Bishop argues that cartoonish architectural design reinvigorates southern California cities.
November 9, 2003, 7am PST
A cynical writer goes undercover in the new urbanist suburb of Evergreen Village in San Jose, California.
November 7, 2003, 2pm PST
Sprawl around San Diego has put people in the path of wild fires.
The San Diego Union-Tribune