May 7, 2003, 6am PDT
The failure of EBay to sell small California towns casts doubts on the online real estate auction model.
The Los Angeles Times
May 6, 2003, 7am PDT
For the fourth year in a row, California experiences population growth that exceeds the half-million mark.
The Los Angeles Times
May 6, 2003, 5am PDT
San Francisco is converting empty office buildings left over from the dot-com boom into housing.
The San Francisco Chronicle
May 5, 2003, 9am PDT
What happens when Native American tribes operating on sovereign land begin planning a casino?
The Los Angeles Times
May 4, 2003, 3am PDT
The California Jackson Demonstration State Forest experiment in sustainable forestry has been an economic success. But is the policy driven by the wrong incentives?
The Los Angeles Times
May 2, 2003, 12pm PDT
The $3.5 billion battle plan to extend San Francisco International Airport runways appears to be dead.
The San Francisco Chronicle
May 2, 2003, 8am PDT
Civic leaders and the University of Southern California roll out a new urban policy "action plan" for Southern California.
University Of Southern California
May 2, 2003, 7am PDT
Robert Poole of the Reason Foundation argues in support of devolved powers for transportation planning and for user fees to support new projects.
The Metro Investment Report
May 1, 2003, 2pm PDT
A proposed new 31-mile stretch of carpool lanes from Studio City to Thousand Oaks would cost $3.36-billion.
The Los Angeles Times
May 1, 2003, 11am PDT
California Director of Finance Steve Peace discusses the challenge ahead in brokering a state budget agreement.
The Metro Investment Report
May 1, 2003, 8am PDT
Southern California's Inland Empire, once the home of inexpensive tract homes, is attracting more high-end development, leaving more homebuyers priced out of region.
The Los Angeles Times
April 29, 2003, 8am PDT
A huge development in the center of Sacramento will include 3,000 homes and acres of shopping at the site of a historic rail yard.
The Los Angeles Times
April 28, 2003, 2pm PDT
California's disasterous style of providing housing seems to be: "Just say no."
The Claremont Institute
April 28, 2003, 6am PDT
McMansions have become the ultimate manifestation of the America dream.
The Los Angeles Times
April 28, 2003, 5am PDT
Ripple cities: California's new inland empire.
The Christian Science Monitor
April 27, 2003, 11am PDT
A new Reason report examining San Jose's smart growth policies demonstrates that urban growth boundaries and light rail don't always work as planned.
Reason Public Policy Institute
April 27, 2003, 9am PDT
The City Manager for the city of Santa Clarita, CA discusses the challenges of planning and infrastructure under California's state/local fiscal relationship.
The Planning Report
April 27, 2003, 3am PDT
The Southern California Association of Governments growth visioning website is profiled as an example of making technology accessible.
American Planning Association
April 25, 2003, 11am PDT
Fraught with problems during its 20 year development, the Orange County emergency radio network is declared a model for the nation.
The Los Angeles Times
April 24, 2003, 11am PDT
The city's Bureau of Sanitation concedes in a federal court filing that it is responsible for thousands of spills.
The Los Angeles Times