Short-Term Rentals

Aerial view of Vail, Colorado ski resort town with multi-story buildings in foreground and snowy mountains in background.

How Ski Towns are Tackling the Housing Crisis

Mountain towns in Colorado and other western states are struggling to maintain a supply of affordable housing for their workers and lower-income residents.

December 25, 2023 - High Country News

Facade of brick multistory apartment buildings in New York City with fire scapes.

Will New York’s Strict Short-Term Rental Rules Work?

Some owners are reluctant to put short-term rental units back on the long-term rental market, but the number of permitted units has dropped dramatically.

December 5, 2023 - Stateline

Colorful brick apartment buildings with fire escapes in Chinatown, New York City.

A ‘Black Market’ for Short-Term Rentals Grows in NYC

While many owners are listing their rentals on other websites, others are moving them back to the long-term rental market.

November 29, 2023 - Curbed

View looking up at wrought iron French Quarter balcony in New Orleans with bright green fern plants in planters.

New Orleans Short-Term Rentals in Limbo

A federal judge halted the city’s lottery-based program in August, leaving current and prospective hosts in a legal gray area.

November 22, 2023 - Wired

Close-up of hand using smartphone to search New York City map on Airbnb app.

New York’s Airbnb Reform, One Month In

Less than half of submissions to the city’s new application process have been approved under new short-term rental regulations.

October 24, 2023 - Crain's New York Business

Aerial view of destroyed home and cars after Lahaina, Hawaii wildfires.

Displacement Fears in Lahaina

Economists warn that reconstruction could put new housing out of reach for long-time residents.

October 6, 2023 - Route Fifty

View of Austin, Texas skyline with river in foreground

Austin Could Legalize Tiny Homes, RVs as ADUs

Expanding the types of homes eligible as accessory dwelling units could help more homeowners afford the construction costs.

September 18, 2023 - Austin Monitor

Close-up of hand holding phone with AIrbnb app open to New York City listings

NYC Strictly Limits Short-Term Rentals

Airbnb called the new regulations, which limit rentals to two guests and require owner occupancy, a ‘de facto ban’ for most hosts.

September 7, 2023 - Wired

Hand painted fabric "Barcelona is not for sale" in Spanish banner hung on a building in Barcelona, Spain

Short-Term Rentals Continue to Evade Regulations

City leaders around the world are struggling to control the short-term rental market, which many fear is jeopardizing the housing supply and displacing longtime residents.

August 3, 2023 - Bloomberg CityLab

White house with For Sale and SOLD sign

U.S. Home Sales to Foreign Buyers Drop by Almost 10 Percent

International purchases of homes on the U.S. housing market slowed in the last year.

August 2, 2023 - National Association Of Realtors

Woman searchinig Airbnb app on phone

Airbnb Market in ‘Collapse,’ Analyst Says

Recent analysis shows Airbnb revenues in steep decline in some large U.S. markets. The consequences of such a decline could send shockwaves through the entire residential real estate market.

July 5, 2023 - Yahoo News

Aerial view of Broadway in Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Springs Revises Internal ADU Rules

The city is aligning its policies with New York state regulations but is keeping parking requirements in place.

June 28, 2023 - Daily Herald

Close-up of phone screen with Airbnb app screen

Proposed Short-Term Rental Tax Would Fund Affordable Housing in California

A state bill would impose a tax similar to a hotel tax on short-term rental owners, with the revenue funding affordable housing projects.

June 5, 2023 - Cap Radio

View of downtown Seattle across a body of water with colorful houses in the foreground

Op-Ed: Seattle’s ADU Rules Leave Long-Term Renters Out in the Cold

One resident argues that adding a unit for long-term rental is too expensive and difficult, especially when compared to the city’s ‘super easy’ process for permitting a short-term or vacation rental.

January 24, 2023 - The Seattle Times

Gate in front of Miami Beach apartment building with many lock boxes for short-term renter access

Study: Vacation Rentals Compounding South Florida Housing Crisis

A new study suggests that short-term rentals are contributing to the region’s housing shortage and helping drive up costs for renter households.

January 24, 2023 - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Row Houses at 48th between Walton and Cedar, West Philadelphia

New Short-Term Rental Rules to Take Effect in Philadelphia

The new rules are an attempt to get a handle on the short-term rental industry, which, due in part to little enforcement of existing regulations, has yielded ‘bad actors.’

January 1, 2023 - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Close-up of phone with Airbnb map of New York

Centering Equity in Short-Term Rental Regulations

How can city officials mitigate the negative impacts of short-term rentals?

December 29, 2022 - Urban Wire

Colorful one-story wooden homes in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

How Short-Term Rental Restrictions Impact Urban Planning

Short-term rental regulations are a hot topic in the urban planning world. As more cities consider—or are already implementing—these regulations, they need to understand how they impact various urban landscape areas.

December 6, 2022 - Devin Partida

Rendering of Samara Backyard ADU

That ADU Would Make a Nice Airbnb

An Airbnb co-founder is jumping in the pre-fab backyard cottage game—but will too many ADUs become short-term rentals to make a difference for housing costs?

November 25, 2022 - Curbed

Aerial view of Grand Junction, Colorado

Colorado Voters to Weigh in on Affordable Housing Measures

Around the state, measures aimed at increasing tax revenues for affordable housing and limiting the impact of out-of-town investors are up for a vote next week.

November 3, 2022 - Colorado Public Radio

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