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May 12, 2020, 10am PDT
Avoiding the effects of climate change should not be a privilege for the wealthy.
The New York Times
May 12, 2020, 7am PDT
The food system, from supply to distribution and consumption, is undergoing a rapid transformation. Community supported agriculture could potentially benefit.
April 29, 2020, 8am PDT
Riding a bicycle is not only a coping mechanism; it's also a way to protect ourselves during the coronavirus pandemic.
The Star
April 28, 2020, 9am PDT
An investigation by the New York Times reveals the ongoing neglect of flood considerations in developing parts of the United States—practice that comes with large costs to the taxpaying public.
The New York Times
Blog post
April 23, 2020, 5am PDT
Many people assume that infectious disease risks make public transport dangerous and automobile travel safe, but this is generally untrue. Other factors have more effect on pandemic risk.
Todd Litman
April 22, 2020, 10am PDT
Rick Cole discusses the existential challenges cities must grapple to be a leading city in the 21st century, Santa Monica's achievements during his five years as city manager, and the sacrifices that will be made as the city endures COVID-19.
The Planning Report
Blog post
April 14, 2020, 8am PDT
Many people assume that infectious disease risks make cities dangerous, but this is generally untrue. Other factors have more effect on pandemic risk and mortality rates, making cities safer and healthier than rural areas overall.
Todd Litman
March 31, 2020, 12pm PDT
An interview with Michael Berkowitz, former executive director of 100 Resilient Cities, finds a path to the light at the end of the tunnel.
Blog post
March 27, 2020, 5am PDT
Planners are professional problem solvers. Let’s see how our methods can be applied to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Todd Litman
March 25, 2020, 6am PDT
Need some work-at-home tips from a veteran? Hazel Borys has eight to consider.
March 3, 2020, 6am PST
A bi-partisan bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would inform better information sharing between federal agencies and local code-making powers to ensure more resilient infrastructure.
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin)
February 21, 2020, 7am PST
Severe flooding in these coastal areas will become the norm, but how to best address the environmental challenges is not entirely clear.
The New York Times
February 18, 2020, 6am PST
The 186-page "Resilient Houston" document was released to the public in the nation's fourth largest city, which is facing numerous environmental stresses.
Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research: The Urban Edge
February 13, 2020, 6am PST
The Global Resilient Cities Network (GRCN) has been formed by cities formerly members of the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities program.
Smart Cities Dive
February 11, 2020, 11am PST
Resilience in a post-Brexit London.
Smart Cities Dive
January 19, 2020, 5am PST
The D.C. Department of Energy and Environment has read the writing on the wall.
Urban Turf
December 16, 2019, 8am PST
A look back at the biggest stories and themes from the world of urban planning in the decade that was the 2010s.
James Brasuell
December 15, 2019, 5am PST
It makes more fiscal sense to buy flood-prone land and conserve it than to cover the costs of the damages to developments, according to researchers from the University of Bristol and other institutions.
St. Louis Public Radio
December 9, 2019, 8am PST
A neighborhood in New Orleans, badly damaged after Hurricane Katrina, is providing a test bed for an innovative new approach to urban planning.
Next City
December 4, 2019, 11am PST
Los Angeles County's Minh Le discusses the county's priorities for moving forward with recent technological advancements in solar and energy storage.
The Planning Report