Aerial view of Reno, Nevada with homes in foreground and downtown buildings in background during autumn.

Reno Revisits Zoning Reform

After roundly rejecting a proposal to legalize granny flats in 2018, the city council is revising it and other zoning reform proposals that could increase the city’s affordable housing supply.

November 3, 2023 - Fox Reno

A hot springs in a low-lying desert area, with mountains in the distant background.

Blockchains Inc Wanted a Massive ‘Smart City’ in Nevada but Couldn’t Muster the Water Rights

California Forever isn’t the only tech-investor-driven mega-project to make news in recent weeks. Blockchains Inc had designs on remaking a massive swath of land near Reno until water got in the way.

September 19, 2023 - The Nevada Independent

Neon "RENO: Biggest little city in the world" arch sign in downtown Reno, Nevada

Reno Plans Downtown Makeover

The ‘biggest little city’ plans to hire consultants to develop a plan for a more vibrant, more walkable downtown strip.

July 26, 2023 - This is Reno

Aerial view of Reno, Nevada against snow-capped mountains in winter

Nevada Makes Historic Affordable Housing Investment

The state announced $500 million in grants to agencies and organizations building or preserving affordable housing in the state.

December 13, 2022 - Tahoe Daily Tribune

Aerial view of downtown Reno, Nevada

Reno Development Aims for ‘Baked-In’ Sustainability

The Midtown Garden Homes infill project brings light density and sustainable materials to a neighborhood predominantly populated with single-family homes.

August 4, 2022 - Architect Magazine

Downtown Reno

Reno-Area Upzoning Stirs Concern Among Residents

A county plan to allow a zoning change that slightly increases allowable density in unincorporated parts of Washoe County is drawing criticism from locals.

March 3, 2022 - My News 4

Downtown Reno

600 Demolished Housing Units and a Development Controversy in Downtown Reno

A developer with a pattern of tearing down affordable housing units in Reno is attracting negative public attention in Reno, Nevada.

January 17, 2022 - ProPublica

The famous (newer) "Biggest Little City in the World" sign in Reno, Nevada, with blurred lights from passing cars.

Labor Dispute, Service Disruptions, and a Record Heat Wave Hit Reno's Bus System

It's been a tough week for buses and bus riders in and around Reno, Nevada.

July 15, 2021 - Reno Gazette Journal

Truckee River

82 Votes: The Difference in a Local Election of Direct Relevance to Questions of Planning

One candidate is seen as combative to developers during a housing crisis, and the other is a real estate agent. The race to lead a section of Reno that includes the city's oldest, most historic neighborhoods came down to 82 votes.

December 2, 2020 - The Nevada Independent

Downtown Reno

Renters More Likely to Be Cost-Burdened, Study Finds

A study by scholars at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University finds that renters around the country are more likely to pay a larger share of their income on housing than homeowners do.

September 10, 2019 - NPR

Downtown Reno

Reno Action Plan Calls for Emissions Reductions and Climate Resilience

The Reno City Council this week approved a new, 165-page "Sustainability and Climate Action Plan."

August 2, 2019 - The Nevada Independent

Issaquah Alps

Public Input to Help Plan New Nature Trails

Reno officials hope to protect public green space in the Truckee Meadows before potential new development arrives.

April 29, 2019 - Reno Gazette Journal

Boise Idaho

Californians Are Leaving the State for More Affordable, Greener Pastures

Skyrocketing housing costs in California are pushing people out to other parts of the country.

October 29, 2018 - Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Dockless Bike SHare

The First Bike Share in a Native American Community

Lime Bike will be available at the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, a first for bike share in the US.

June 13, 2018 - Fast Company

Downtown Reno

Homeless People Could Pay the Price of Reno's 'Revitalization'

Reno is considering a law that critics say is a textbook example of the criminalization of homelessness and everyday life.

September 13, 2017 - Next City

Delivery Drone

Slurpees By Air: Drone Delivery Takes Off in Reno

77 successful drone deliveries were made in the month of November from one 7-Eleven store in Reno, Nevada to customers in the city.

January 4, 2017 - Reno Gazette-Journal

Reno, Throwing Away Benches to be 'Business Friendly'

Reno's blight initiative drew criticism when it removed 68 benches from a park it was renovating.

October 18, 2016 - NBC News - Reno Nevada

Downtown Reno

Expecting Investment, Reno Targets Blighted Properties

As a nascent tech economy tests the waters, Reno's Vice Mayor spearheads an effort to equitably clear out blight and revisit the purpose of the city's downtown.

May 6, 2016 - Next City

Downtown Reno

Downtown Reno: A Place Where Nobody Dared to Go

Residents of Reno, Nevada participating in a rewrite of the city’s master plan have spoken out about the myriad of problems afflicting their downtown—it's dirty, dangerous, and deserted.

January 18, 2016 - Reno Gazette-Journal

Downtown Reno

Tactical Urbanism Takes Reno by Storm

Next City's "Urban Vanguard" fellows envision ways to use tactical urbanism to further the evolution of Reno, Nevada. Their presentations helped city leaders reconsider the ways the city thinks about itself.

May 19, 2015 - Next City

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