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What Is a YIMBY?

YIMBY, an acronym standing for "Yes In My Backyard," describes advocates who support housing development as a response to the outcomes of restrictive zoning and planning policies.

June 29, 2022 - James Brasuell

Texas Apartment Construction

What the Microchip Shortage Reveals About Housing

The microchip shortage facing the automotive industry illustrates the significant impact that supply has on the cost of durable goods.

January 26, 2022 -

Houston, Texas

Houston Could End Homelessness With Less Than 2,000 Housing Units

Houston's homeless response program has yielded strong results in the last few years. Just 1,900 new affordable housing units could 'effectively end' homelessness in the city.

December 2, 2021 - Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research

San Francisco, California

San Francisco Supes Reject Proposal To Turn Parking Lot Into Housing

State legislators are decrying the Board of Supervisors' decision to reject a proposal to build a 495-unit apartment building on a downtown San Francisco parking lot.

November 23, 2021 - San Francisco Chronicle

Brooklyn Redevelopment

Study: Market-Rate Development Filters Into Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing

New research sheds new light on one of the most hotly debated questions in planning and development.

September 15, 2021 - Full Stack Economics

Texas Apartment Construction

New Developments Lower Rents in Surrounding Neighborhoods, Study Says

A study that made the rounds as a working paper at the beginning of 2019 has now been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

May 11, 2021 - The Review of Economics and Statistics

Brooklyn Construction

What Is Market Rate Housing?

Market-rate housing is a term used to define housing generated by the real estate market without direct subsidy. The price the market sets for housing, even without subsidies, is a direct outcome of policies and practices of planning.

February 24, 2021 - James Brasuell

Manhattan Retail

New Research on the Effects of Market-Rate Development and Upzoning

A glut of new housing and development research has been published recently, shedding new light on some of the most fundamental questions of contemporary planning.

February 19, 2021 - UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies

Tassafaronga Village Oakland California

What Is Affordable Housing?

The term affordable housing refers to housing units that cost less than a predetermined percentage of household incomes. Planners use affordable housing as a general term to describe housing that doesn't put an excessive financial burden on occupants.

January 31, 2021 - Diana Ionescu

Building Trades

New Market-Rate Housing Lowers Rents for Everyone, According to New Research

A study published by a German researcher adds ammunition to the cause of improving housing affordability by legalizing and building new supply.

December 15, 2020 - City Observatory

South Los Angeles Market-Rate Housing Development

'Anti-Displacement Zones' Proposed in L.A. Following Development Controversy

As more development investment focus on historically black neighborhoods in Los Angeles, local politicians are searching for policies that can protect current residents from displacement.

September 23, 2019 - Los Angeles Times

San Diego Construction

San Diego Inclusionary Zoning Program Makes Headway

San Diego's Affordable Homes Bonus Program (AHBP), launched in mid-2016, increases incentives for projects that incorporate more affordable units. Developers are taking notice.

November 7, 2017 - Next City

San Francisco Houses

Report: Demand, Not Market-Rate Supply, Drives Housing Prices in San Francisco

The Urban Institute takes a detailed look at San Francisco's real estate market, where most home sales top $1 million, revealing that old units are far more likely to attract top dollar.

June 5, 2017 - Urban Institute

Los Angeles

Inclusionary Zoning Bill to Increase Affordable Rentals Passes California Assembly

Due to a 2009 court decision, cities and counties in California are prohibited from requiring that a percentage of units in rental developments be affordable. A bill by Assemblyman Richard Bloom would restore inclusionary zoning for rentals.

May 8, 2017 - Planetizen

Housing Construction

Op-Ed: Affordability Depends on Market-Rate Housing

California State Senator Scott Wiener argues that advocating for subsidized affordable housing isn't enough. Anyone concerned with ending the state's housing crisis needs to get behind market-rate development.

May 1, 2017 - Art + Marketing

Report: New Market-Rate Housing Affects Low-Income Housing Supply

A new report from California's nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office may dispel assumptions that construction of market-rate housing displaces low-income Californians.

February 11, 2016 - California Legislative Analyst's Office

City Report: Mission Moratorium Backfires on its Goals

A new report from the San Francisco Office of Economic Analysis shows that Prop. 1, an 18-month moratorium on the development of market-rate housing in the Mission to appear on November's ballot, would not meet the housing goals it seeks to attain.

September 17, 2015 - San Francisco Examiner

San Francisco Density

San Francisco Mayor Announces Affordable Housing Plan

Adding new details to a plan that is sure to create controversy, Mayor Ed Lee has a new plan to aadd affordable housing to the city of San Francisco.

September 9, 2015 - The San Francisco Chronicle

Rental Construction

Escaping the Cycle of Inflated Housing Costs

In an insightful article, William Fulton unpacks the supply-demand cycle driving costs skyward in certain areas. To address the problem, new construction needs an unprecedented level of diversity.

August 18, 2015 - California Planning & Development Report

Controversial Housing Moratorium Proposed for San Francisco's Mission District

San Francisco Supervisor David Campos, who represents the popular Mission District, has proposed a 45-day moratorium on market-rate, multifamily residential development. A ballot measure is possible.

May 12, 2015 - San Francisco Examiner

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