Bus Stops

Google Maps view of bus stop wth bench and shelter in Emeryville, California

The Importance of Bus Stop Benches

Noticing a need in his community, a California mayor found a fast and affordable way to put seating at every bus stop in town.

December 25, 2022 - Streetsblog USA

Aerial view of red painted bus-only center lanes on Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

S.F. Accelerates Parking Removal at Bus Stops From 7 Years to 18 Months

Reviewing changes in bulk will make it easier for the Municipal Transportation Agency to remove parking around bus stops in San Francisco.

December 22, 2022 - San Francisco Chronicle

Pulse bus rapid transit station with blue bus pulled in in Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Transit to Add Bus Stop Benches, Shelters

The region’s transit agency plans to install new benches and shelters at as many as 75 percent of bus stops systemwide.

October 19, 2022 - Greater Greater Washington

Sidewalk bus stop with bench and no shade in Los Angeles, California

L.A. Bus Stops Offer No Relief From Searing Temperatures

As heat waves intensify, bus riders in Los Angeles are forced to wait at bus stops that offer little shade or seating, putting vulnerable residents at risk of heat stroke and other health impacts.

September 13, 2022 - Los Angeles Times

Bus Stop

Federal Infrastructure Funding a Rare Opportunity to Improve the Nation’s Bus Shelters

Transit systems faced with decreasing ridership could accommodate access to the most widely available form of transit by building bus shelters. The federal infrastructure bill provides a big opportunity to do so.

May 9, 2022 - The Washington Post

Bus Stop

Nominate the Best Bus Stops in the United States

Rather than doing another round of the 'sorriest' bus stops in the country, Streetsblog USA is shifting its focus to the positive, and asking readers to send nominations for America's Best Bus Stop.

March 9, 2022 - Streetsblog USA

A bus stop in Philadelphia, where people wait under a glass shelter for a bus as it arrives.

Calculating Bus Stop Spacing for 43 U.S. Cities

New research documents the distance between bus stops in U.S. cities—a key question for service designers that determines a lot about the public transit user experience.

August 24, 2021 - Transport Findings

People boarding bus at LA Metro Bus Stop, Alvarado Street, Los Angeles

Where to Preview L.A.'s New Bus Shelters

Angelenos can try out the new designs at six locations this summer, with the full program set to launch in 2022.

July 29, 2021 - Urbanize LA

IndyGo Enhanced Bus Stop

Indianapolis to Upgrade Bus Stops to 'Super Stops'

Downtown Indianapolis bus stops are getting a makeover with enhancements that prioritize buses and improve rider safety.

December 17, 2020 - The Indianapolis Star

Wheelchair Ramp

A Look at Accessibility in Atlanta

A wheelchair user describes what it's like to travel on Atlanta streets and on the city's public transit system.

December 28, 2019 - Atlanta

Port Authority of Allegheny County

Systemwide Evaluation of Bus Stops Underway in the Pittsburgh Region

The Port Authority of Allegheny County is evaluating how to make improvements at

July 24, 2019 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Chicago Bench

Building Benches for Bus Stops That Need them

All over the country, sorry bus stops lack seating. Studies show that deficiency can depress ridership, some motivated citizens are looking to change that.

July 13, 2019 - CityLab

Bus Stop

Culling Transit Stops to Improve System Performance

Bus stop balancing can help lines run much more smoothly. A new publication guides agencies through the process.

July 13, 2019 - Streetsblog USA

Express Bus Station Features Prominently in Colorado Express Lanes Project

Bustang, the interregional bus service launched by the Colorado Department of Transportation in 2015, will have a station in the middle of Interstate 25 as part of a $350 million plan to add toll lanes between Johnstown and Fort Collins.

May 7, 2019 - The Coloradoan

Los Angeles Bus Stop Sign

L.A. Bus Stops Improved by D.I.Y. Additions

A bench is a basic bus stop amenity, but many stops on Los Angeles’ Eastside lack them. One resident took on the task of putting in benches himself.

November 30, 2018 - Los Angeles Times

Bus Stop

How to Build a Better Bus Stop

The state of a city's bus stops is a good indicator of its commitment to public transit option as a mobility option for all its residents.

October 16, 2018 - TransitCenter

Bus Stop

Can a Bus Stop Be Pretty?

A local bus stop offers the setting for an experiment in beautification.

August 18, 2018 - The Boston Globe

Bus Stop

It's Time to Pick the 'Sorriest Bus Stop in America'

It's everyone's favorite time of year. Streetsblog USA is searching for the "Sorriest Bus Stop in America."

August 1, 2018 - Streetsblog USA

Sorriest Bus Stop

Study: It's Easier to Wait for Transit in a Nice Place

While that headline might seem obvious, how many well-located, pleasant bus stops are you aware of?

January 12, 2017 - Streetsblog USA

Bus Stop

Help Transit Riders Improve Their Bus Stops

Riders in ten cities are raising money to spruce up their bus stops.

August 8, 2016 - Streetsblog

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