Stimulus Gets Transportation Projects Moving - In China

While the U.S. waffles over its stimulus package, China is two months into a grand countrywide transportation facelift, building high-speed rail, expanding freight capacity and generally beefing up the country's mobility.
January 26, 2009, 8am PST | Nate Berg
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"China is starting to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on new highways, railroads and other infrastructure projects."

"The stimulus plan, one of the world's largest, promises to carry the modernity of China's coasts deep into the hinterlands, buying the kind of great leap forward it took the United States decades - and a world war - to build, and priming China for a new level of global competition."

"As President Obama and Congress draft an $825 billion stimulus plan for the United States, China is already two months into its effort. And while Democrats have put aside calls for big transportation projects, with the House bill allocating less than 5 percent of spending for the construction of highways, rail lines and mass transit programs, China is furiously pouring concrete and laying rails."

"A $17.6 billion passenger rail line across the deserts of northwest China, a $22 billion web of freight rail lines in Shanxi province in north-central China and a $24 billion high-speed passenger rail line from Beijing to Guangzhou here in southeastern China are among the biggest projects. But extra spending is being planned in practically every town, city and county across the country."

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Published on Thursday, January 22, 2009 in The New York Times
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