Take Another 'Big Look' In Oregon

<p>Planners and politicians are calling for a revival of Oregon's "Big Look" -- a broad effort to refresh the state's urban growth and land use planning policies.</p>
November 27, 2007, 12pm PST | Nate Berg
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"Once, Oregon was known for the way it protected farms and forests while it carefully planned where to put all the newcomers."

"But after three decades of growth and top-dollar bickering, a cross section of Oregon's leadership wants to restore the state's visionary reputation."

"Support is building to revive a 'Big Look' task force that had begun reviewing Oregon's land policies before the Legislature yanked its funding."

"'The 'Big Look' was never exclusively about Measure 37 or Measure 49,' agreed task force member David Bragdon. 'It's a much broader type of effort.'"

"Under Gov. Tom McCall, Oregon adopted statewide planning goals and created the Department of Land Conservation and Development. The system survived half a dozen assaults before property rights activists spurred the passage of Measure 37 in 2004."

"These days the 'Big Look' group has more friends than ever."

"The governor invoked it while celebrating the passage of Measure 49. Newspapers have called for its restoration as have partisans on both sides."

"It leaves force members feeling guardedly optimistic. They are hearing they will be allowed to finish the job of recommending changes to the once-renowned land-use planning system."

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Published on Sunday, November 25, 2007 in Associated Press via Statesman Journal
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