A Major Nuisance For Cities

Liquor stores and stop-and-go’s, also known as nuisance businesses, have slipped through a legal loophole to hurt the quality of life in Philadelphia.
November 14, 2003, 10am PST | David Gest
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"Newly reelected mayor John Street [believes that] the proliferation of nuisance takeout restaurants is one of the city's most pressing quality-of-life/public safety issues." Police confirm that crime reports center around areas with nuisance establishments. "[S]top-and-go's, which combine bulletproof glass and late hours with 40s and malt liquor [yield] effects ranging from mild disturbances, like late-night noise, to violence and drug sales." A legal loophole allows "any liquor license [to] be transferred from one person to another privately, without any chance for public debate." This causes serious problems, as buildings can be reopened as bars even if a school or church had since moved in nearby. One community group opposing the stores has dubbed itself "Neighbors Organized Against Maddening, Outrageous and Rowdy Establishments (NO MORE)."

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Published on Wednesday, November 12, 2003 in Philadelphia Weekly
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