Land Use

December 20, 2004, 10am PST
Metro Atlanta's suburban cities rediscover importance of central gathering places in an effort to slow sprawl to a crawl.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
December 20, 2004, 8am PST
Is urban sprawl the most important issue of our time or a "half-baked liberal scare tactic?"
Dispatch Tribune
December 19, 2004, 7am PST
A Salt Lake City ordinance is designed to bring pedestrians back to the city's streets.
The Salt Lake Tribune
December 17, 2004, 10am PST
How traditional planning bureaucracies can reinvent themselves into customer service driven agencies that embrace continuous improvement.
Common Sense
December 17, 2004, 7am PST
How did "Colorado's most reluctant city" become metro Denver's most progressive center of smart planning and urban design?
The Denver Post
December 15, 2004, 12pm PST
Measure 37’s passage means lots of lawsuits, and little else
Michigan Land Use Institute
December 14, 2004, 1pm PST
A Canadian company wants to begin extracting gold and silver from a mountain in Cerro de San Pedro.
The Christian Science Monitor
December 14, 2004, 8am PST
The US Census Bureau now has a category for semi-rural areas.
The New York Times
December 14, 2004, 6am PST
Rapid population growth with result in unprecendented residential and commercial development in the next twenty-five years.
Yahoo! Newswire
December 13, 2004, 8am PST
Some fear plan for high-density areas will uproot county's suburban qualities.
The Washington Post
December 13, 2004, 5am PST
A website includes breathtaking aerial photos from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire.
Research Triangle Park Network
December 10, 2004, 5am PST
The Fraser Institute publishes a report by Wendell Cox questioning Ontario's plans to implement smart growth policies intended to slow the growth of urban land areas.
The Fraser Institute
December 9, 2004, 9am PST
Is the government's power of eminent domain being abused to clear land for big-box retailers in sales tax-strapped cities?
Wall St. Journal
December 7, 2004, 5am PST
Proximity to transit often increases property values enough to offset some or all of transit system capital costs.
Victoria Transport Policy Institute
December 6, 2004, 1pm PST
Long a model for protecting rural areas, the state faces a property-rights backlash that could ripple nationwide.
The Christian Science Monitor
December 5, 2004, 1pm PST
Ninety-seven of the nation's 100 fastest growing counties supported George W. Bush and delivered half of the president's 3.5 million-vote victory margin.
Michigan Land Use Institute
December 3, 2004, 9am PST
Population and job growth are flourishing in America's exurbs. But is this good news?
USA Today
December 2, 2004, 5am PST
A new academic article in JPER critically examines the relationship between sprawl and health.
Peter Gordon's Blog
December 1, 2004, 7am PST
Oregon cities gear up to fight Measure 37, a voter-passed property rights law. Is this a response to overly restrictive planning, or property rights run amok?
The Oregonian
November 30, 2004, 12pm PST
Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand is sprawling at a rapid rate.
The New Zealand Herald