Community / Economic Development

A City Council committee got its first look at a proposed revision of the streetscape licensing process by which restaurants and cafés can acquire sidewalk seating. Councilmembers sent the plan back the drawing board again.
Yesterday   Dallas Observer
<p>A small town in Germany is demonstrating that a strategy of distributed, renewable and locally-controlled energy production can not only be Earth-friendly but profitable.</p>
Jul 29, 2008   Victoria Times-Colonist
<p>San Francisco's Tenderloin district- notoriously seedy and poor- is also one the densest neighborhoods in the city, and greatly in need of fresh produce and groceries. City officials are trying to attract a store, but it's a tough sell.</p>
Jul 29, 2008   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>It's Gold Rush days long since passed, Canada's Yukon Territory was until recently a wild, myth-bound place. But now oil and gas revenues are fueling new construction and population growth.</p>
Jul 28, 2008   The Globe & Mail
<p>1,300 property owners in Camden, New Jersey whose homes are in a new redevelopment zone were sent letters explaining eminent domain, but the city says it has no intention of taking their homes.</p>
Jul 28, 2008   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>Exurban developments are struggling to control their rampant foreclosure rates and plummeting housing values.</p>
Jul 28, 2008   The Christian Science Monitor
Planetizen talks with journalist and syndicated columnist Neal Peirce about the trends he's seen over the course of his career and the future of America's metropolitan regions. Exclusive
Jul 28, 2008  By Nate Berg
<p>Professor Sudhir Venkatesh of Columbia believe it is time for HUD to be replaced by a more nimble agency capable of responding to the 21st century city.</p>
Jul 27, 2008   The New York Times
<p>This segment from <em>NPR</em> looks at results from a new study that show many poor neighborhoods actually have the potential for vibrant economies.</p>
Jul 27, 2008   NPR
<p>After seemingly endless expansion, Starbucks begins closing some 600 stores, prompting a "save Starbucks" campaign.</p>
Jul 26, 2008
<p>Moscow tops an annual ranking of the world's most expensive cities. The survey examines housing, transportation, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment for corporations and government agencies determining living costs for expats.</p>
Jul 25, 2008   Forbes