Grocery Store Walk

Biking and Walking Have Lost Momentum

A decade ago it seemed like biking and walking was making a comeback that could change the commuting culture of the United States.

February 12, 2019 - Streetsblog USA

Bus Stop and Bike Lane

Downtown Seattle Corridor Gets Visioning Treatment

A stakeholder group hopes to create a pedestrian- and business-friendly streetscape in Downtown Seattle.

January 4, 2019 - The Urbanist

Complete Street

Americans See Public Transit as ‘Backbone’ of Multimodalism

A recent APTA study illuminates public opinion on mobility as a service, autonomous vehicles, and more.

December 22, 2018 - Metro Magazine

Bike Lane

Debunking the Arguments Against Detroit's New Bike Lanes

Protected bike lanes, this writer argues, are just one part of a broader rebuild of Detroit that prioritizes engagement.

October 12, 2018 - Detroit Free Press


Op-Ed: Averting Climate Catastrophe Means Rethinking Our Transportation Habits

Given a recent dire report on climate change from the IPCC, Laura Bliss underscores the point that those who have the ability to do so should make changes to how they get around, and pronto.

October 11, 2018 - CityLab

Bike and Scooter SHare

Lyft Moves Toward 'Full Mobility Package'

In cities around the country, Lyft is launching green, multimodal initiatives aimed at providing "all of the above" transportation options.

October 10, 2018 - The Planning Report

No Walking

How Sidewalks Literally Sideline the Pedestrian

Plenty of sidewalks stand in need of improvement, and many aren't there at all. But they're also a symbol of the automobile's engineered dominance of our roads.

February 20, 2018 - Curbed


Transportation for Everyone

An efficient and fair transportation system must serve diverse users. The "Transportation for Everyone" rating system evaluates transport system diversity and, therefore, its ability to serve all community members.

July 13, 2017 - Todd Litman

Expo Line

Designing a Multi-Modal, User-Focused TOD Vision for Los Angeles' Expo Line

Facing explosive development interest around its Metro station, the small city of Culver on L.A.’s Westside is taking steps to shape its mobility future.

July 4, 2017 - The Planning Report

Bike Lane

Australia's 'Biggest Bike Lane Skeptic'

The New South Wales minister for roads has taken a firm position against separate bike lanes. Sydney cycling advocates say his policies will bring the city out of step with its global peers.

September 14, 2015 - The Guardian

Paths Diverging

New Mapping Tools Shows How to Access Activities by Various Modes

The Urban Accessibility Explorer is an easy-to-use mapping system that measures the number of activities that can be reached by residents of specified neighborhoods within a given amount of travel time, by a particular mode and time of day.

July 15, 2015 - Metropolitan Chicago Accessibility Explorer

Suburban traffic

Self-Fulfilling Automobile Dependency

Common planning practices create automobile-dependent communities where driving is convenient and other forms of travel are inefficient. It's time to recognize the value of transportation diversity.

June 2, 2015 - Todd Litman

Pronto Bikeshare

Why Bikeshare Doesn't Appeal to Low-Income Commuters

While bikeshare garners a lot of attention from the white and wealthy, it is a less obvious choice for low-income communities. Difficulties include weather, time constraints, and overall demand for non-auto modes.

May 19, 2015 - Vox

Complete Streets

Report: Complete Streets Deliver More Than Just Good Vibes

Better safety and multimodal ease are not the only benefits offered by complete streets. According to this report, on the average they pay for themselves and then some.

April 24, 2015 - ASLA The Dirt

Jersey City Joins NYC's Citi Bikes; Neighbors Create Separate System

Despite plans to create a uniform bike sharing program through the three New Jersey cities of Hoboken, Jersey City, and Weehawken, in the end Jersey City will join the Citi Bikes program while Hoboken and Weehawken partner with Next Bike.

October 3, 2014 - The New York Times

The Value of Transportation Enhancements; Or, Are Walking and Cycling Really Transportation?

An important current policy debate concerns whether the next U.S. federal surface transportation reauthorization should require spending on “enhancements,” which finance projects such as walkways, bike paths, highway landscaping and historic preservation. This issue receives considerable attention, despite the fact that enhancements represent less than 2% of total federal surface transportation expenditures, because it raises questions about future transport priorities, particularly the role of walking and cycling. In other words, should non-motorized modes be considered real transportation.

November 16, 2011 - Todd Litman

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